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friedman be

  1. ProgressiveRocco

    Some soloing w/ Friedman BE and Charvel San Dimas

    Hey dudes! Here's the solo I've recorded for my buddy Jay Parmar's Lockdown Collaboration video🎸😷! Playing through a super simple patch: Friedman BE with boost ON (OD808 MOD) - cab (OH FMAN V30B+M25B by Ownhammer) - Stereo Tape Delay - Large Plate Reverb! Hope you guys dig it! 🤘🏻 You can check...
  2. Andrea Maccianti

    Friedman BE C45 Preset

  3. Mark Pritchard

    Oasis - "Supersonic" solo using my BE preset

    Using my Friedman BE preset playing the solo to Supersonic by Oasis. I think this video may be blocked in the US, if it is i do appologise (YouTube copyright bullshit)!! friedman-be-100-tones-with-ml-sound-lab-cabs.149494
  4. Thomas Obester

    Volume issues - Friedman asm-12 can´t keep with JCM800KK (Kt88) w/4x12

    Hi guys, I am thinking about buying a second Friedman ASM-12 or maybe ASC-12 to stack the one on another (Is it possible I´ll get an unwanted feedback between monitors this way) ? The reason for buying a second monitor is that I do not want to push single monitor that much, it is now cranked...
  5. Andrea Maccianti

    Sick Finger Friedman Brown Eye

    My finger is always aching but I can not sit still.
  6. Andrea Maccianti

    Friedman BE-100

    Available also for AX8. Check it out and Keep Rocking' !!!! :D
  7. Andrea Maccianti

    PHIL X Patch Inspiration

    Has 6 Scenes. Factory Cabs here. I hope you enjoy! :)
  8. Andrea Maccianti


  9. ProgressiveRocco

    LICK OF THE WEEK #1 | George Lynch/Warren DeMartini-style lick

    What's up dudes! I'm back from my 60 days trip in the US, I miss it already, had so much fun! Now it's time to get back on track\m/ I'm gonna upload a new video every week, showing some of my favorite licks:) Today I'm starting with a pentatonic run in the style of George Lynch/Warren...
  10. X-Mann

    One Mann's Journey for EPIC tones!

    Hey guys! I'm waiting for the AX8 to arrive & have become slightly obsessed w/ Fractal Audio. I'm late to the party here (as usual) based on a preconceived notion that a) I didn't need the Axe-Fx or b) that it would be way too hard for a simpleton like me to ever figure it out! :( But like...
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