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  1. J

    Every patch is just DI

    Hey guys. I have been using the Ultra for years now. All patch changes are done via midi. I just toured February-May 1st with no issues. The very last show of the tour which was So What?! In Texas, my guitar seemed to have gone out. Upon further inspection I notice that no matter what patch I’m...

    Axe-Fx III + GetGood Drums Modern & Massive: 1h Song Challenge (Preset)

    It's been too long since I've written a song and it sadly shows. Anyways this was a write-as-you-record type of session and this is what came out. The preset on the Axe-Fx III was super simple. I mixed in two of the stock IR's unsurprisingly shot by myself: Factory 2 - 1005: 4x12 USA Bulb 57 B1...
  3. Macros

    What does it mean when all light are shining at startup and stay on constanly.

    Bought a second hand axe fx II that arrived by mail today. I attached power cord and started up. Now all lights are on all the time and can't interact with the unit. Also tried to attach the MFC and it just say signal timout or something. I suspect it was damaged in mail, and is a "late" unit...
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