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  1. Jack_Zan

    Periphery - Lune Preset (Periphery III)

    New free preset for ax fx II available. the link is in the description of this video. this time I looked for something with more effects. let me know if you like it! to use this preset 100% you need the ML SOUNDLAB "usa bulb" cab pack and insert "misha mix 8" in the cab block Amp : Friedman HBE
  2. Andrea Maccianti

    Coronavirus "Free" Preset

    Hi all friends! Given the period we are living in, I decided to make this preset available for free, just to stay on topic I called Coronavirus Preset available for AxeFx2, AxeFx3 and AX8. Has 6 Scenes. Find below in the video description the links of Dropbox for download. It's a classic Rock...
  3. gurtejsingh

    ToneQuest - Episode 5 - Some Eric Clapton this time + Free Preset

    Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing great! I just put out the 5th Episode for the ToneQuest Series out on YouTube. This time it's the Godly Eric Clapton. Hope you guys like it! The preset is up on AxeChange as always! If you do understand, these presets take time and effort to make so please...
  4. orion32773

    FREE Updated Live Preset 7 Scenes Friedman BE and Dirty Shirley

    FREE PRESET and FC Custom layouts. I modified my live patch in preparation for a show tomorrow and dug deep into the FC-6 to find a flow that worked well for me. This preset uses 7 scenes with the Friedman BE-100 and Dirty Shirley models. IR is from the bipolar cab pack from bipolar recto cab...
  5. shaunb

    Soundcheck - Recto1 Red + ML Sound Lab "THE BEST IR IN THE WORLD"

    Here's a quick sound test using the free IR just released by Mikko of ML Sound Lab which is called "THE BEST IR IN THE WORLD" and it's a pretty damn good capture. You can download it here bit.ly/MLSoundLab and try it out for free.

    Clark Kent Job - Strangers (Music Video) and FREE IR's!

    This is actually a song from my bands EP from last year. This was the song that we changed the tuning for to make it a bit meaner sounding and we matched the Axe-Fx to sound just like the real Mark IV and Traditional Mesa 4x12 cabinet we used for the rest of the EP. The IR's used here can be...

    ML Metallica IIC++ Preset (Quantum 3.03)

    I received multiple requests for posting my Enter Sandman preset from this video: Also some people who do not have Cab Pack 13 asked for stock IR alternatives so I re-created the preset with stock IR's. It's not as close to the real thing as with the Cab Pack 13 ML USA Bulb SM57-SM57 01 IR but...
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