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  1. C

    III/Matrix GT1000/Matrix FR212

    Nothing too special going on here. I just wanted to give some lo-fi in the room indicator and maybe draw some attention to Matrix's FR212 that I think the community forgot about. Just an iPhone in the room and some approximation of a periphery riff a half step too high. I appreciate little...
  2. Georgy

    Anyone using the Matrix CFR12 with their AX8/Axe FX? How does it compare to the FR212?

    Hey Fractals, I'm days away from getting a pair of CFR12s and I can't wait. I've always had a thing for the FR212 but here in Australia they are extremely hard to come by, let alone hear one and play one. So I've managed to score a pair of CFR12s which I will use with a solid state power amp...
  3. Georgy

    How do you find your Matrix FR212 + Matrix power amp?

    After having played a handful of gigs in recent times, I'm starting to realize why some guys prefer to use an FRFR solution. At present, I'm using/carrying from gig to gig: 3RU rack (Axe FX + 1RU wilress unit) 2RU rack for my VHT 2/50/2 power amp. Mesa 2x12 vertical cab 2 x guitars Plastic...
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