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  1. E

    How to dial in a great tape delay in Axe-FX III

    Hi folks, new here, thanks for having me. TLDR - I can't seem to get an accurate sounding tape delay. There doesn't seem to be anything that replicates wow and flutter, tape splicing, crinkle etc. Am I missing something? The long version - I recently got my hands on an Axe-FX III, my first...
  2. Max_H

    Strange Fluttering, started recently

    Heyo boys and girls, So right after moving to this wonderful island called Iceland my Axe FX II XL+ has started producing a strange fluttering noise in the background of my tone. It is most evident with higher gain patches. It very well could be that my guitar was mildly damaged during the move...
  3. taavila

    how to reproduce fluttering effect on Axe FX

    Hi guys from Fractal community, Some times ago I've posted a doubt here, but no answers, at time I couldn't get understood the effect in order to explain you because I cant post link here. I'd like to know if is possible to simulate a whamy bar flutering on axe fx. For those who not know the...
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