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fast guitars

  1. Burgs

    Space in D-ish. Vid + Preset. (Ambient alert)

    This one seems to have struck a chord (sorry!) with my Youtube followers, a few of whom have asked me for the preset. So, here's the preset and the video for my friends on the Fractal Audio boards. Preset link: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5852
  2. Burgs

    8.02 Mr Gilmour Lead (preset #298) with a 7 string.

    Well, some idiot had to try it! o_O The guitar? Kevin Fast built it for me. It's a killer. Find Kev at http://www.fastguitars.com
  3. Burgs

    Q7.01 - CAE3+, Shimmer Drive, Opcomp1 - 7 string vid and preset

    Greetings ladies and gents. The planets were indeed aligned this morning. On a rare day off from running around the country like a madman, the very mighty 7.01 drops. Yay! To celebrate, I've made a little video and accompanying XL+ preset based around the CAE3+ suite. Here they be. Video...
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