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external pedal

  1. M.M.

    Closed Input/Output (as FX Loop) blocks bypass (pedals, 4-cable method, etc.)

    When using an external pedal with Out2 and In2 blocks as a pedal loop, it would be nice to have the option of bypassing the I/O blocks and making them act as regular blocks on a preset and not cut the sound when bypassed. Or perhaps add a FX Loop block for this purpose. This would also be...
  2. Mathew Aboujaoude

    Using AX8 for Effects only with amp head and pre-amp pedal

    Hello, I've recently purchased the Victory V4 The Countess Preamp pedal from a pawn shop and wanted to try and integrate it in my rig. I own a Quilter Toneblock 201 (it has a fx send and return). Ideally what I'd like to do is be able to use the clean channel of the quilter and the crunch/lead...
  3. T

    Using Axe-Fx II as a MIDI Controller for Eventide H9

    Morning All I have had my Axe Fx ii for a few months now but due to music school time commitments exams/ensemble/practice, practice, practice etc etc I haven't had the time to sit for a month and work may way through the manual end to end to get intimate with operations of the unit. However I...
  4. theo

    Wish Preset Cycle via external pedal input

    When on stage with my Axe Fx 2 I would use a boss fs5u (momentary N/O switch) plugged into the pedal input to swap between my lead and rhythm presets on stage, I loved it because it's so small, I can have it right up against a foldback wedge with no problem and there's no power or midi...
  5. J

    Axe Fx II XL & Digitech Drop Pedal

    I'm switching out and in some external pedals in my rig... I'm wanting to use my Drop Tune pedal in the axe fx's effects loop, so I can turn it on and off via my GCP, instead of walking back to my rig and switching it on.. I'm not sure why, but it sounds absolutely terrible through the fx loop...
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