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  1. ZebulaJams

    How to setup EV-1 as Wah?

    I just got the EV-1 pedal for Christmas and I'm having hard time understanding how to set it up. I have read the manual and it doesn't mention anything about setting the pedal up for WAH. I have also sifted through Leon's videos and he mentioned to plug the pedal into the "Pedal" port. However...
  2. Owczar

    Switching between controlling multiple modifiers

    Hello! Sorry if this was already talked about, I couldn't find anything, but it might be lack of my search abilities or just naming a problem differently :) I'm trying to assign my expression pedal (Pedal1) to two parameters - for example delay mix, and tremolo rate. I would like to switch...
  3. C

    Wish Control Switches, modifiers, and the Bypass Function for Expression Pedals

    After playing around with Control Switches (which are extremely powerful), I would like to have a setup where: 1. If a modifier is assigned to two blocks for control with an expression pedal (e.g. wah and whammy) 2. A Control switch is applied to the wah and whammy bypass (either separate...
  4. ingloriousoz

    OMG9 - Expression into FC6 - how to recognize/calibrate?

    Hi everyone, can't find this in the manual - I'm needing to plug my expression pedal into my FC6 as my FM3 pedal jacks are in use - how do I get the FM3 to recognize the expression pedal so I can get it Calibrated for use? Thanks!
  5. R

    Mel audio midi commander expression pedal.

    I got a little midi commander to use with the axe fx2 it works well right out the box. We figured to use it till we get the fractal made controller, but i cant seem to figure out how to get the expression pedal working through it. Any ideas how to do it?
  6. axedude

    Expression pedal doesn't work ! HELP !

    Hey All, Recently bought an AXE FX 3, and a Dunlop DVP4 Mini expression pedal to control some of my effects like Wah etc. I've followed everything in the manual about calibration, but no matter what I've done I CANNOT get this thing working. So incredibly frustrating that its hurting my...
  7. T

    Bug? Dunlop Volume X Calibration Issues

    For some reason, when I go calibrate the pedal it only goes up to level 2 or 3 min & maximum despite the pedal being all the way up/down. I know the pedal is in perfect working condition cause when used as just a volume pedal it is consistent. It just doesn't want ro calibrate. I've tried a...
  8. T

    Ev-1 expression pedal

    Hi there !!!i have a problem with the pedal,when I set up the parameters of the expression pedal in axe-edit The pedal throw isn't the same with the diagram...I mean this...It starts at 0.0 and ends at 100.0 but the pedal doesn't correspond the same,the pedal will reach 100.0 much sooner leaving...
  9. guitarfreak365

    Will 3rd party expression pedals work with axe III’s FC?

    I run 3 mission ep-1s with my mfc currently. I’m not very knowledgeable with this stuff but since the new FC is dumb and isn’t an actually midi controller does that mean we would have to buy a special expression pedal from fractal if you wanted to control an expression pedal of their FC?
  10. The sevilian

    problem! wha start working on its own on the treble side of it

    hi there Im new to the AX8 and yesterday happend something strange, it all started after ive connected an expression pedal to the unit. I connected it, checked it, it worked fine, after i have disconnected it from the unit, the sound sometimes fliped and becomes fizzy, from what i see the wha...
  11. reclavea

    XPRESSION control of BMT, Presence, Bright

    Would like expression pedal control of these parameters as well. Just as the Mesa Triaxis. Oh...and the Level output as well.
  12. Pete1959

    Now taking orders on the EV-2 pedal

    Hey Everyone I received a notice a couple of days ago that the EV-2 expression pedal was available and to get on the waiting list. Just placed my order a few hours ago and look forward to trying it alongside my EV-1. Just a heads up to anybody who has been waiting for the official release.
  13. Descom

    Midi pedal similar to Moog MP-201?

    Edit - Found what I want.
  14. B

    Getting an AX8 soon, question about expression pedals

    Hi guys! New to this forum but assuming I will be a regular when I order an AX8 next week! (Very excited) I just had a quick question about expression pedals with the AX8. I'm currently renting a helix and I love that you can set the expression to be a volume but once you engage it it can be a...
  15. Solitudezoso

    Calibrating EXP Pedal with AXE FX II

    I recently bought a dunlop volume x pedal for a different pedal board but I would like to use this pedal as another expression pedal in addition to my FCB midi foot controller. I hooked up the dunlop via quarter inch cable to the back of the axe fx where it says pedal 1. I know I go to I/O and...
  16. C

    1 expression multi effects

    Question #1: I have over 40 presets for a cover band. I want to knock this down to 1 or 2 'sounds' that will cover the set. However, I only have one expression pedal and I use it on a way as well as delay controls. Is there a way for the wah and delay controls to be used at the same time...
  17. Monchito

    What are the differences between expression pedals?

    Hello all. I have been reading the threads about the different expression pedals. I am struggling to understand what makes them different from each other. I am looking into the cheaper Boss, Roland and Moog options because I only want a pedal to control the Wah sweeps at the moment. But if I...
  18. Hurdy Gurdy Man

    AX8 expression pedal with foot switch

    Hello there, I am thinking of buying an AX8 and wonder about one thing. Is there something like an expression pedal that also works as a foot switch to turn on effects? I use a Boss GT-10 and the built in expression pedal has a switch function. By strongly pressing the toe end of the pedal...
  19. glombi

    Wah creaking (making strange noise)?

    Hi, I'm setting up my AX8 rig and face some potential problem with the wah block. I connected an BOSS FV500H as expression pedal and calibrated it. The wah is working, but I hear a strange kind of "creak" (sorry, not a native speaker), when operation the wah. I don't know this from my analogue...
  20. SoProg

    Help I have another problem -_- expression pedal vol/wah

    Hi guys, You've been mostly helpful in the past by suggesting approaches to problems I have with my AX8, so, here's another one. So I have this preset ( I know you're gonna ask for it, I can post later, I just want to know if anyone can solve this off the top of their head), I am using an...
  21. JoseleteRamonete

    Question of calibration

    Hello. I own two Boss expression pedals (EV-5 and FV500H) and when I try to calibrate them, it only reaches 115 at maximun value. The pots of the pedals are at full scale. If I change the position, it reaches 127 at max but the minimun value does not reach the zero Is this normal ? Thanks for...
  22. R

    Wah help

    i need help getting a comfortable wah setup. I'm using the crybaby wah sim w/ the fractal expression pedal. The sweep of the wah seems to do nothing until the toe is about 75% down, then it opens quickly. I'm looking for a way to set it up so it acts like a true wah w/ a broad sweep. Please help.
  23. ZenRigs Man

    I modded an EV-1 to feel like a regular Wah pedal. Full details inside!

    Hey folks! Hope you're all well. A couple of months ago I received 3 Fractal EV1's to replace the expression pedals on my board. I LOVE the EV1's, they feel fantastic, look awesome and are super responsive for controlling stuff on the Axe FX. As much as I tried, however, I couldn't get used to...
  24. julindres

    Volume pedal dead spot

    Hey guys, I'm currently using a boss fv 500 expression pedal to use as my volume pedal. I use it along with my volume block. The problem is that in the beginning of the pedal there is a pretty big dead spot and then once the volume comes its already pretty loud instead of gradual. In another...
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