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evh 5150 iii

  1. GuitarMan86

    Van Halen - "Drop Dead Legs" (short take)

    Hey All, Just sorting some recording issues out and tweaking along the way. Recently picked up this 5150 EVH guitar and had to play some VH at some point.....obviously hah. Hopefully I did some justice on it in one take and quick edit. One single guitar track. Used free from...
  2. Andrea Maccianti

    5150 III Preset

  3. LucasLeCompte

    Axe Fx III High Gain Amp Series: Peavy | EVH 5150s

    I put the mighty 5150s against each other! All I messed with on each amp is the basic tone page in the amp block, everything else was the same all through out. Patch can be found on axechange or in the user patches section in the forum. Which 5150 did YOU think should have won?
  4. kengtin

    EMG-818x/668 Metal Test ("5153" - Carvin DC800)

    Hi folks, Here's it goes: a straightforward evaluation of the EMG-818x and EMG-668 in a metal context: rhythm, lead bridge and lead neck. These pickups + the "5153" model make wonders, I'm loving the textures (I'm also working on the EMG-818 and EMG-578 and the results are amazing as well)...
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