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ernie ball

  1. Burgs

    More Floyd-ish musings, a new preset and three vids to show it in action.

    I thought it might be fun to pitch my two single-coiled Music Man guitars - 2016 Albert Lee and Cutlass - up against each other in a battle of the Floydish type. So I dragged out the old '98 Total Guitar backing track (see the vids for links) and gave 'em all I had. I wrote a HIWATT / SLP...
  2. Burgs

    Four Ernie Balls go at it over a Frampton-esque track with Tucana tone

    The thread title pretty much sums it up. There's a preset to go with it too, which you can download from http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5571
  3. Burgs

    Acoustic patch - Ernie Ball Game Changer-based... other stuff... Video.

    I scored one of these relatively rare 'The Game Changer' birds today. The first thing I put through the ringer was its piezo qualities. Crikey, they are SO good. So, regardless of the other zillion cool things about these guitars (basically cyber Axis), I immediately set about writing an...
  4. ccroyalsenders

    Quantum 2.01 EBMM Cutlass Demo -- Cooper Carter

    Wanted to share my latest guitar review, this time of the stellar new Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass, since it's 100% Axe-Fx II, as always.
  5. Saurabh

    Pink Floyd - Terminal Frost - A Momentary Lapse of Reason (Guitar Cover) by Saurabh Chaudhry.

    Hey Guys, This is my attempt at one of my favourite instrumentals of all time. Please share, comment, like and subscribe to my channel. Thanks in advance. My YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzhfhVg2SONpSeFiTopG4pw
  6. R

    Another Volume Pedal Question

    I am currently using a Ground Control Pro and Mission SP-1 with my Axe Fx Ultra and it works very well. I am however looking to add a separate Ernie Ball 6166 volume pedal and TC Polytune to this setup and I am wondering how to rig it up. I have two TRS cables coming from my GCP going to my SP-1...
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