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  1. Sustainerplayer

    Aaha aaha aaha uhuu

    Yes - I do have a way with words :p My latest elektropop/rock song. Warmoth guitar, Axe Fx III Friedman Small Box model, Cab IR's from ML SoundLab and good use of the SoundToys Tremolator plugin: Noncommittal - Gone Away
  2. Sustainerplayer

    Synthpop with ambient guitar

    Cubic is one of these songs that almost wrote itself - and very fast. It is a simple loop-like piece made with two synth-arps. As soon as the text was written I already had the idea for the ambient guitar sound in my head. I think it took two hours to write and record entirely. After that it has...
  3. Sustainerplayer

    Synthpop tune with a little funk guitar

    Rasmus played the Mr Z MZ-38 through some 2x12 Suhr cabs from ML Sound Lab. Noncommittal - Through the Night (feat. GuitaRasmus) [909 Day Remix]
  4. Sustainerplayer

    Noncommittal - All The Right Things

    My little synthpop/electrorock hobby project. The video got a little weird ... but there is some guitar and an Axe Fx III in there :D
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