1. E

    Effects toggle/layout question

    Hello! Quick question I'm hoping someone can help me out with! I am using an FM3 with a FC6 in OMG9 and for the most part, absolutely love it. My question: how do I reroute the hold functions for the effects layout? When I hold the Effects button down, it brings me to a looper which is not in...
  2. N

    Implemented kill dry for "parallel" effects

    hi, i often use reverb, delay, and pitch in parallel. the problem is that currently to use a effects in parallel you have to put the mix at 100% and use the volume knob to set the mix, otherwise your have a jump in volume. also if you use a delay for example in parallel you cannot use the global...
  3. tyekynan

    Wish Amp and Effects Request (Dimebag List)

    I would like to request the Randall rg100es and Century 200. Effect Request: Rocktron Hush Guitar Silencer (The Stereo Model with the frequency filter) Furman PQ4 MXR Flanger/Doubler Aphex Exciter 104 I have all of these units (except the randall century 200) and would be willing to send them...
  4. Leonkkj

    Wish Lo-fi pedals, cabs, mic and delays

    As it seems, I am a black metal musician, but I also play most metal genres and random noises. I'd like to see some really poor and low quality sound coming from the Axe FX III. Talking about cabs and mics, anything that someone could buy for 50$ in a chinese store. Most norwegian raw black...
  5. G

    Import effects

    Hi all, new to Fractal and just got an FM3. Been working with it a few days. My friend sent me some reverbs that I'd like to import, but can't figure out how. I learned how to import cab IRs. The reverbs, like the cab IRs were .wav files, which I converted to .syx files. But I'm not having any...
  6. Tremonster

    Fm3 as Cab Simulator

    Hi everyone! My question is: Does anyone know if I could use my Fm3 just as a cab simulator with a real head (I think maybe it depends on the head having a line output)? I'm not sure that can be done, I think not. But if possible I would like to use my head with a real 212, the fm3 for effects...
  7. J

    Help recreating the sound of the Julia/Julianna

    Hi guys! I am finally parsing out my pedalboard, and I am now letting go of both my Walrus Audio Julianna and Julia. I LOVE these pedals to bits, but I am fully committing to the Axe. However, awesome as the chorus block is, I can't quite nail down that sound the Julia produces. It's so...
  8. iaresee

    The Mother of All Effects Blocks Thread (Multi-Model Edition)

    Now that we can mostly share effect channel and block settings among all the Fractal units I thought I'd start a new thread to house all your amazing effect block settings in one, single place. This thread is special. The same thread appears in all three (AFIII, FM9, FM3) Preset Exchange forums...
  9. P

    Creating effects loop of external pedals

    Hello! So, I just received my Axe fx III last week and have been trying to incorporate some of the guitar pedals I have into an effects loop using the various input and outputs available. I tried connecting the pedal like this; Out 3 L --> Input of pedal --> output of pedal --> Input 3 L. This...
  10. K

    Not a Bug FM3 showing effects not in preset

    Hi Everyone, Just got my FM3 last Thursday and I have been loving it so far, but I've noticed that it sometimes shows effects that are not in the preset. When I try to engage them it says "effect not in this preset". Additionally, it seems to not show other effects that actually are in the...
  11. D

    Using the axe fx 3 just for effects.

    Quick question the manual is slightly confusing for me on how to do this but I have a boss Katana mk2 amp snd it’s running through output 1 into the power amp part of the amp and i was wondering how i can just use the amp as my main amp and just use my axe fx for just an effects unit? I know vsi...
  12. creativespiral

    Wish Controller Block Section Saving and Effects Block Connections

    The AxeFX has the ability to recreate many advanced effects racks and pedals, as well as generate amazing unique effect sounds. This ability to create advanced effects often relies on connections to controller elements (LFOs, Seq, ADSR, etc). This is a Workflow Improvement and Effects...
  13. Megahertzz

    Delay with decending pitch

    Anyone smarter than me who can tell me how to copy the delay/pitch effect on the harmonica here?
  14. LucasLeCompte

    How to Easily get a LoFi Sound On The Axe FX III (Or any Axe fx)

    My friend told me about this neat trick he does to get a LoFi sound (he plays a lot of pop punk) so I tried it out and decided to make a video about it. You can actually do it on almost any axe fx. What other ways do you guys get lofi sounds on the axe?
  15. S

    Looking for Dearmond Tremolo and Echoplex Pedals for Photoshoot!

    Hi all - I am working on a really cool project that is creating a book about stompboxes. It's all about the visual storytelling through photography and interview with some of the greatest guitar players out there. We are currently in search of two pedals: DEARMOND TREMOLO and ECHOPLEX for a...
  16. C

    Filter block uses

    I'm just wondering what some uses for the filter block are? I haven't put much time in to playing around with it (mostly because I'm not sure what to do with it), but I see it fairly often in presets. It seems pretty similar to an eq to me. Would love to hear how it can best be used. I've had my...
  17. Mincer

    Reverse Delay...sort of...possible?

    I am not talking about the audio coming out backwards with and no repeats (Belew-ish backwards guitar). What I would like to do is have regular forward delay, but the repeats start out quiet, and get progressively louder with each one. I don't want oscillation, but just for those repeats to stop...
  18. Jbmetal

    Oil Can Delay

    Hey, guys. I've been messing around with this patch for a bit and got it sounding pretty cool, so I'd thought I'd share it. It's meant to emulate the sound of an oil can delay. These delays are very warm, warbly, and just a yummy, gooey mess. I made a recording showcasing a couple different...
  19. N

    Effect match- Doomblade by The Acacia Strain

    Looking to cover Doomblade by The Acacia Strain and need to match a couple of their effects. The first one is a pitch shift slash ring mod. Sounds like an electric drill held against the strings sliding from the bottom up. Really extreme. I have been able to create a pitch shift effect and...
  20. J

    SOLVED. Effects staying on in scenes?

    hi everyone.. I have a FX8 with the latest firmware. I am using switches 5 - 8 to control scenes selections which are programmed to change channels on my amp using MIDI. Switches 1-4 are being used to turn on/off individual effects over the top of the amp channels. My problem is when I am on...
  21. actionjackson12


    SoO for all you producers out there I am curious if you record guitars using the axe-II effects (compressor, reverb, delay, pitch, chorus etc. and the like) or do you record dry (amp and cab only) and add effects in POST via pro-tools, logic etc. ? Feel free to explain your reasoning ok go!
  22. Ophidiuchus

    Horns, String Ensembles, Synths and other instruments effects

    Hi, IAs the title says, I'd like my XL+ to emulate different instruments, from Cellos, Violins and other stringed instruments to string ensembles, synths, choirs (all that stuff you hear in orchestras) with the sole purpose of creating mock ups and get a better gasp of them without spending...
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