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  1. X

    how do yo unlink copy pasted scene ?

    hi, I'm totally new to fractal and just received my fm3. Man that interface is complicated. I tried to copy paste scene 1 to scene 2 to save time. Now each time I try to turn up or down a knob it also turns up or down the same knob in the other scene. The whole point for me to do this was to...
  2. S

    Changes to effects in one scene affecting effects in all other scenes

    Hey all, I've searched for a thread on this subject but haven't had any luck finding one so I'll start out with the cut and dry "If this thread exists elsewhere please let me know" disclaimer. With that out of the way, I'm working on building a studio preset on my Axe III that will be my one...
  3. VittorioAngelo

    Wish Colored patch cords in Axe-Edit and Axe-Fx screen

    Hello Folks; Sometimes in a complex preset there's many patch cords running between blocks. In such a situation it would be helpful to have the patch cords rendered in different colors so one could discern where connections are running. Even better would be the ability to: Select a block Have...
  4. yyz67

    Implemented Easy Navigation via Edit button

    AFAIK, currently while in edit mode the Edit button "forward cycles" through non-shunted blocks, which is nice, while in layout mode one press of Edit goes into the block. However, sometimes I'll accidentally hit Edit and then be in the next block (along with frustration). To go back to the...
  5. Jason King

    Austin Buddy Dream Rigs

    Just purchased this and it’s fantastic so far. There are essentially 4 sounds per amp, clean, dirt, medium, and lead. All in different presets. My question is if there a simple way to take those 4 independent patches and merge them into one patch with each of the 4 patches becoming scenes...
  6. Jotun666

    Judas Priest - Firepower (vocal and instrumental cover)

    Hi, friends! Here you have the latest cover I´ve made with Siegfried Song, Judas Priest´s Firepower, featuring Wee on lead guitar. All guitar and bass sounds are through my Axe FX II, and I edited, mixed and mastered everything, besides playing rhythm guitar, bass and programming drums. I...
  7. M

    Presets assigned and saving to MFC101 Mark III

    Simple question. I want to tweak or create a preset and once saved how do I assign to 1-5 on MFC101? (say 32 in AXFX to switch 1, 101 in AXFXII to switch 4, ect) All presets will include scences. Thanks everyone!
  8. AlGrenadine

    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Hi all, It seems some of you felt there was a need for a mobile.desktop AxeEdit-like... The good news : It's Android/iOS/Mac/Win compatible (iOS 8+ / Android 4.4+ / MacOS 10.10+ / Win7+) It's compatible with AxeFx III/AxeFx II/XL/XL+, AX8 and FX8 (see connecting options depending on your OS...
  9. R

    Anyway to edit the sounds/patches after recording/playing?

    Hey guys, I love my Axe-Fx but one thing I find frustrating is that I can only hear how the patch edits sound if I have my guitar in my hand, and have to constantly play the same riff over and over again to hear the differences. Is there a way in which I can record a riff, say on the Axe FX...
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