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eastman t184

  1. Dynamic1022

    Elton John - The Circle of live

    This is my new cover. Using my Eastman T184 MX with custom Lollar imperials. For the preset i used the Friedman 2018 and the Fox ODS Deep Amp.
  2. Dynamic1022

    The Godfather - Parla più piano

    This song is from the movie The Godfather and is written by the Italian composer Nino Rota. I've been using 2 guitars and 3 presets for this song. My Eastman T184 MX and my new Maton EBG 808 Nashville. In the beginning i'm using a Bludojai clean for my Eastman. For my acoustic guitar a SV BAS...
  3. Dynamic1022

    Pink Floyd "Another brick in the wall - part 2" cover

    Just finished a new project. About 40 years ago Pink Floyd came with this great song. All presets are based on the Hiwatt amp or recording i used 3 of my guitars Rhythm: Fender stratocaster standard USA with custom flat 50's Distortion: Eastman t184 mx with lollar...
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