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  1. axedude

    Expression pedal doesn't work ! HELP !

    Hey All, Recently bought an AXE FX 3, and a Dunlop DVP4 Mini expression pedal to control some of my effects like Wah etc. I've followed everything in the manual about calibration, but no matter what I've done I CANNOT get this thing working. So incredibly frustrating that its hurting my...
  2. S

    Newbie Needs Help! (MFC + Dunlop DVP3)

    Hi, I'm a relatively new AxeFx II user and a new member to the forum. I am currently trying to setup my Dunlop Volume X DVP3 as an expression pedal via a TRS cable into the MFC 101. I would like to use it for Whammy, wah etc.. I've watched every expression pedal setup videos on youtube, read...
  3. Solitudezoso

    Calibrating EXP Pedal with AXE FX II

    I recently bought a dunlop volume x pedal for a different pedal board but I would like to use this pedal as another expression pedal in addition to my FCB midi foot controller. I hooked up the dunlop via quarter inch cable to the back of the axe fx where it says pedal 1. I know I go to I/O and...

    Best-Tronics Pro Audio // Modular Axe-Fx Rig

    Here is another rig we had built for a local customer. This rig allows the end user to transport his Axe-Fx to and from his rehearsal spot for ease of practicing at home. He is running the Axe-Fx with Mesa two Mesa Mark V's, a few pedal based effects, and the glorious Axe-Fx. The amazing RJM...
  5. Cobrango

    the half-whole fascination

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