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dual recto

  1. kostein

    Metallica - "Blackened" cover

    Another Metallica cover from my favorite record of theirs ...And Justice For All. It's the classic Metallica album opener with the mellow/melodic intro before unleashing into the thrash anthem that it is. I used one of my ENGL Savage presets for the main guitar tone. The more I use the Savage...

    ML Amp Pack - Mega Rectified based on a Mesa Dual Rectifier

    EDIT: New clip by Zach Munowitz: Extremely happy to announce our latest and greatest Amp Pack - Mega Rectified Here's the official release information and please ask me any questions you may have. :) I'll be posting more information and sound clips in this thread so be sure to...
  3. Jotun666

    Judas Priest - The Sentinel (vocal & instrumental cover)

    Hi, friends! I´ve just uploaded a new cover in my Youtube channel: Judas Priest´s The Sentinel, featuring Siegfried Song (Symmetric Chaos) at vocals and Alonso Pérez (Rugido) at lead guitar. I played guitar and bass, programmed drums and mixed, mastered and edited the whole audio/video. For...
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