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  1. Stainless Steel Frets

    Offline mode rendering to get rid of aliasing

    Hi! It’s a little bit technical but as Cliff open our eyes on the sides effects of digital processing for gain/harmonics generating creating aliasing at real time oversampling possible rates (I believe the AxefxIII does 16x which is apparently enough for many amps) but I would be very pleased to...
  2. OddManOut

    DSP Goodies - buy one get 24 free?

    This is for all of the Fractal guys (and gals?) who also routinely work with DAWs and keyboards in addition to guitars. Turns out that IK Multimedia is celebrating their 25th anniversary with a spectacular group buy opportunity. It started out on Aug 5, 2021 and was scheduled to go to Aug 31st...
  3. Les Paul Rider

    Closed A future way to save CPU?

    Couldn't we make better use of our DSP capability, If we could disable the extra channels that each block has and that we are not going to use in the preset? It is my understanding that every time we place a block in the layout is like we were placing four blocks, because each block has 4...
  4. Joseph J C

    Would you like to run Axe-Edit as a plug on you DAW?

    Wouldn't it be cool if we could use our Fractal units DSP like the UAD Apollo units DSP to run Axe edits patches as a plug in our DAW? Thoughts?
  5. A

    Anyone knows what processor/DSP is used in the AX8?

    I don't know if Cliff will (or if he can, with all these NDA things) disclose what processor it uses (as he did say the standard Axe-FX II used dual TigerSHARC's), but he did say that the FX8 and the AX8 used the same chip, with the difference that the AX8 haves two of them, one dedicated for...
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