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  1. Andy_V

    Great IR for the Dizzy Models

    The new Dizzy cab pack from the valhallier.at guys really stunned me in relation to sound and feeling. Works also amazing with other amp models like the SLO100 (Link below) Did anyone check that out yet and has any opinions to share about it? :D I have to record some stuff soon. But there is...

    Cab Pack based on Guns N' Roses: "ML - Mikko N' Fortus - Impulses for Destruction"

    Check the Cab Pack store boys and girls: http://shop.fractalaudio.com/Cab_Packs_ML_Sound_Lab_s/69.htm I can't just post this here without a foreword. Guns N' Roses is the reason I started playing guitar and for the first 10 years or so of my guitar playing all I did was practice those songs...
  3. speedloader

    A Mark Gedon IV

    Celebrating my new AX8. It's a super-charged Mark IV on Diezel cab to face the end of the world. Lead Brt+ channel. Slightly modded, no drive block. Warning : not a dark patch. You need the Cab Pack 24. Both IRs are in the ML Dizzy V30 ACE folder : Cab L is the SM57 A1 Cab R is the SM57 B1...

    ML Tutorial: How to mix IR's with Cab-Lab 3

    @brokenvail asked me for a tutorial with tips and tricks in this thread on how to mix IR's and I thought it was a great idea. Sure it's also one of those topics that has taken me years to perfect to where it is now. This is just a quick way everyone can have some fun experimenting with IR...
  5. shaunb

    Drop A song - ML Cab Pack 24 Dizzy with Brit Pre/Fryette hybrid and FAS Modern II

    I wrote this song a while back as part of an audition for a band playing in Drop A. I revisited the material and I really like the tuning now, so I might work the songs I did into an EP or something. For this I used my Super Fuzz preset which is a Brit Pre with a Fryette tonestack and a Bender...
  6. shaunb

    ML Cab Pack 24 Dizzy 4x12 V30 + Brit 800 & Brit Pre

    Here's a quick test of Cab Pack 24 ML Dizzy 4x12 for some aggro rock tones. IR: ML Dizzy V30 SM57-R121 02 Amps: Brit 800 & Brit Pre

    Quantum 3.0 HBE V2 and Ultimate V30 4x12 Comparison

    After doing several Cab Packs and once again creating a Cab Pack with Vintage 30 speakers (ML Dizzy based on Diezel 4x12 Cab Pack will be out soon and includes both a G12K100 4x12 and a V30 4x12 cabinet) I've been receiving some questions about how it compares to other V30 4x12 cabinets. It's...

    Pop/Rock Diezel Tones

    I'm loving the different flavors available in the Diezel land. I'm not sure if everyone knows what I'm working on but essentially I'm shooting a new ML Dizzy Cab Pack that will include two different "based on Diezel" cabinets. One with G12K100 speakers and the other with V30 speakers. I finished...

    ML Dizzy K100 First Official Clip!

    Now we're talking! I just finished shooting the single mic IR's for the upcoming "based on Diezel" Cab Pack. This clip is an SM57 blended with an MD421. For me it's starting to live up to the "based on Diezel" brand. :)

    ML Dizzy Test 1

    Today was my first day with the "Dizzy" cab and it's definitely something unique and different. The MD421 felt like an SM57 and the SM57 felt like an MD421. A whole different world and I love it. :) It's definitely not "just another 4x12 ML cab". It's very unique and both vintage and modern...
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