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  1. C

    Wish Assign color to preset name shown on FM3 display and FM3-Edit

    Hi everybody! I tried to search on this forum but it seems that nobody issued such a request so far. It would be good to have the possibility to assign a color to a preset name. At the moment the preset name on FM3 display and FM3-Edit is shown in yellow. What if we could have the possibility to...
  2. Megahertzz

    Wish Stage mode display. Preset/current scene in large letters and full-screen strobe tuner

    As someone who looks at the display a lot when performing live, it would be nice to have some kind of stage mode available, where you could get just the preset and scene you're on in large writing on the display, and when you turn on the tuner, you'd get a full screen strobe tuner, like the...
  3. R

    Problem at ax8 display

    hi, I would like to buy an used equipement but there is a small line blank on the screen. It is not a big problem for me but I am worried that the cause of the problem could be caused by something serious. Is it a small screen problem or it could be serious (for example in the future other lines...
  4. K

    Wish FX8 more effects per preset

    Would to see and FX8 with more effects per preset as well as another level of switches. Also would be awesome if they put individual displays for each switch like on the new FC6 and FC12.
  5. bwanagary

    MFC-Edit Window Scaling on HiRes Windows 10

    There have been a few posts over the last year or so from users who purchased a hi-res but small (11, 12 or 13-inch) size laptop running Windows. The MFC-Edit window came up tiny on these displays making it too small to use in some cases. Thanks to the good work of MFC-Edit user Ronald Hoot...
  6. P

    Blank line of pixels on LCD screen

    Just noticed today a blank horizontal line of missing pixels on my AX8 LCD screen. AX8 was purchased 8 months ago. Is there a way to fix this without replacing the display?
  7. J

    Midi displays

    Hey! Was looking if there are any MIDI displays to make up for my ENGL Z-12 & Gecko pedalboards so that I can have a tuner and se patch names. I found these two so far: Prostage midi display and SIMI midi display Anyone know of other displays? perhaps cheaper : D haha
  8. K

    Wish Companion App for larger display via USB

    How about sending some display info over USB to another device running Windows or Android like a tablet or laptop? Fractal could create a basic companion app that you would launch on that device that would receive the info and display it full screen. Not necessarily a true screen mirror if the...
  9. V

    Bug? MFC-101 Mk III - display freezing

    I have an Axe-Fx II (original) and MFC-101 Mk III (firmware version 3.08). They are conncected through FASLINK using an XA-1. Don't know if it is just a coincidence, but since updating my Axe-Fx II to Quantum 4.00 I had the display of the MFC freezing two or three times. While the switches of...
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