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  1. X

    Preset for Nolly's 2013 Bass Sound?

    Hey guys! I just bought an used AXE FX Ultra and I wanted to build a tone like Nolly. I own a Dingwall NG-2 Bass and I "basically" know how to make a metal tone. But I am not that much into this whole system like Nolly or someone else. I wanted to ask if someone has a preset that I can use as...
  2. erockomania

    Element Guitars FUSE 29" baritone. Cygnus Friedman BE with silly, over the top distortion (sorry in advance).

    Quick test to see how the new Element Guitars FUSE 29" baritone sounds with the Friedman BE (which I was having a hard time with since the Cygnus update). ...and I took it way over the top, :D (don't let the intro fool you) info: Element Guitars FUSE prototype with Tom Anderson H2+ pickup...
  3. D20

    FS Dingwall NG2 Bass

    Basically mint condition. I’m sure I’ll regret this...actually I know I will. This is an absolutely killer bass! Comes with the Dingwall brand gig bag. Ducati white is the color. 4 string model. This bass is pretty much brand new. Sorry for the iphone pics. I'll take better pictures today...
  4. J00McG00

    New Wankery!

    Sup guys, thought I'd post a little one off dance-riff song. Hope y'all enjoy it! @ccroyalsenders
  5. RobertSH1981

    FS Dingwall NG3 with Levy gigbag for sale $1,750

    Hey everyone....I'm selling my Dingwall NG3 to help supplement a new project. its in mint condition, and has never left my home studio. I also have an extra rotary switch that I will include. It came stock with a DBird rotary switch, but if you want that classic Nolly sound, youll need the 3X...
  6. J00McG00

    New Music

    Hey All, I'm back at it again with more metal tracks! Check it out and see if you like it. Using AxeFx2XL into a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 and Cubase 9.5. Simple processing, nothing fancy.
  7. J00McG00


    Hey all, back at it again with some more modern metal music! In terms of production, this song is similar to the last song except for a couple of things: This one has EQ and Compression on most of the tracks (Drums, Guitars, Bass, Vox, etc.) I've slowly learned how to apply this to make a mix a...
  8. J00McG00

    Djent / Metal Music

    Hey all. I’m relatively new to the forum, but I am an avid, long-time axe fx user. I’ve finally built up both the skill and courage to record some new music, and i wanted everyone to check it out. If you’re into djent and the new metal scene, this will be right ip your alley. Shout out to one...
  9. M

    Nolly Drum Sample Test w/ Axe-Fx II & Dingwall

    Did a test with Nolly's Good Tiger drum samples along with my Axe-Fx II. Guitar is a Jackson soloist 7 with SD Blackouts Bass is a Dingwall ABZ. Check it out, lemme know what you guys think. Cheers.
  10. D

    Metal mix with Suhr Badger 30 and cab pack 13

    Let me know what you think of this mix using the Suhr Badger 30 amp model and the cab mix 8. I used very little gain and a boost. The lead is the same preset but with a tad bit of reverb. The bass tone is an NG-2 Dingwall and Axe Fx with quite a bit of processing in the DAW. I have isolated the...
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