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depeche mode

  1. cellopet

    Depeche Mode Synth/Moog Lead ( It’s no Good Cover)

    Hi guys, I’m trying to explore the Synth block as I’m trying to emulate some Depeche Mode sound; in particular (with my band without Keyboard player ) we are trying to cover It’s No Good and Home ( 90’s Ultra period). Any tips or help would be appreciated. Thanks! Marcello
  2. Sustainerplayer

    Depeche Mode cover with the Axe Fx III and Axe Fx II XL

    Hi My take on this classic Depeche Mode song. It's been on it's way for a long time - so some of the guitar parts are recorded when I had the Axe Fx II XL and some with the Axe Fx III. It's mainly the Small Box and SLO-100 models I've used. But be warned. This is still a synth/techno-pop song...
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