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  1. Leonkkj

    Wish Lo-fi pedals, cabs, mic and delays

    As it seems, I am a black metal musician, but I also play most metal genres and random noises. I'd like to see some really poor and low quality sound coming from the Axe FX III. Talking about cabs and mics, anything that someone could buy for 50$ in a chinese store. Most norwegian raw black...
  2. R

    Bug? Delay block bypass state bug

    Hey there Fractal community, After upgrading my FM3 to the firmware 6.00 and 6.01 I've come across what I believe to be a bug in the delay block. See the video below. To give a short description of what happens, the FM3 keeps the delay block engaged after changing presets, even if the preset...
  3. supersonic182

    Strange Bugs and Scenes

    Something’s going on for me here. I need help. Let’s say I set up amp1 & amp2 how I want on scene 1. I get to scene 2 and things are going great, still have amps on the same channel but amp2 isn’t in the mix anymore. After double checking everything possible, I switch back to scene 1, it still...
  4. M

    Insanely loud reverb and delay on EVERY setting!

    Hi, I've had my Axe-Fx II that I purchased second hand for a while now. I've been using it for recordings at home and have always kind've just made do, but I have always noticed that whenever I download a preset from Axechange or look at the presets that came pre-loaded from the old user, the...
  5. D

    Delay tail sent to reverb

    Hey people, I noticed that when toggling both a delay and reverb off at the same time in series (with Mute FX in) the delay tail doesn't get processed by the reverb anymore. I've been trying to setup a delay going into a reverb so that: I can toggle the effects off with a foot switch. The...
  6. TheAnalogKid

    Alex Lifesons’ live delay/reverb settings?

    Hey all, I’ve been binge watching my RUSH Blu-ray concerts. I’m curious if any other Alex/RUSH fans here have dug into trying to duplicate some of the live lead tones Alex was getting al la R30/Snakes & Arrows/Time Machine/R40. To me, those long/deep/haunting leads are some of the best tones...
  7. S

    Delay recalls sound from before switching it on.

    Something I like doing (also with non AX8 Delays) is to put an expression pedal on the effect level of the delay, so I can play around with the delay. A problem that hasn't come up with other delays, is that the ax8 seems to recall what was played BEFORE the delay is switched on. But often I...
  8. J

    Recall delay time after tap tempo

    Hello there, I have a few songs in which I need my delay times to be set when I recall the preset. I start the song and need it to be a specific time when I pull up that sound. But I know my drummer is going to fluctuate so I need to be able to compensate via the tap tempo when he does...
  9. ApocalypticKatana

    Replicating Mix Setting from GR5 to Axe IIII

    Basically I want to copy these mix settings from guitar rig 5 into the axe fx iii I know the Axe FX III's Delay and Reverb Blocks have their own mix laws and I get confused trying to figure out how to convert from GR5to Axe If anyone can help and show how it was done it'd be greatly appreciated
  10. E

    How to dial in a great tape delay in Axe-FX III

    Hi folks, new here, thanks for having me. TLDR - I can't seem to get an accurate sounding tape delay. There doesn't seem to be anything that replicates wow and flutter, tape splicing, crinkle etc. Am I missing something? The long version - I recently got my hands on an Axe-FX III, my first...
  11. H

    Quick bypass for FX?

    Hi all - just got my FM3 today, and am completely overwhelmed by the interface! As i'm using it as a studio recording tool, i'm going to be using mainly simple amp -> cab setups. Is there a shortcut/way to quickly go in and bypass all FX? The unit has reverbs and delays on almost everything so...
  12. U

    Help Wanted: Chasing Strymon DIG Digital Delay Preset (GOLDEN RATIO)

    I'm obsessed with recreating this clip from the Strymon DIG demo at 3:29. Had a DIG and loved it, I could recreate this with the pedal Anyone up for seeing if they can dial it in? I'm using the 61.8 L/R Time Ratio to get the "golden ratio" repeats and EQing out the lows on the repeats. I...
  13. Per Boysen

    Video: Axes and Saxes, freezing chords for pad-like accompaniment

    Hi guys, In this track, I played the 8-stringed (head-less *strandberg) through an AxeFx patch with a clean sound and several tape-style delays and I had an expression pedal to control the tape loop feedback level while playing the guitar. I.e. this allows me to freeze chunks of audio and have...
  14. beto_v

    Help replicating this granular kinda delay effect?

    Hey guys, I am trying to work on a technique inspired by the following riff: As you can hear there are moments where the note is repeated in a granular kinda style. I want to be able to add this effect with a momentary switch or a pedal, compose riffs and punch the "glitches" where I want...
  15. ApocalypticKatana

    Advanced Help needed recreating a Delay Setting (Guitar Rig 5 Psychedelay) for AX3

    Caution : kind of advanced please be warned I've made an old thread about this specific digital model before but to no fruition and I can't seem to perfectly nail it , thus I came here again for help Tempo of this song is 95 bpm KEY NOTES -1/8th note of 95 bpm lasts 316 ms -For L/R or Stereo...
  16. T

    (Beginner) Need help with delay settings

    Hello, First post on this forum. I read through the rules, and hope I'm not breaking any with this post! I bought an Axe-FX III a few weeks ago, and I have been having an absolute blast. It's super inspiring to play, and I find myself writing much cooler riffs all the time. I'm trying to...
  17. Burgs

    'Rock Worms'. Taking the Stack facility into Shroomsville. Free preset and demo.

    This started out as a fairly tame excursion into the wondrous Stack facility that the Reverb and Delay blocks give us (thanks, Cliff!), but it quickly became something else. The video will tell the story and there's a download link for the preset as well. Have fun. Axe Change link...
  18. Megahertzz

    Delay with decending pitch

    Anyone smarter than me who can tell me how to copy the delay/pitch effect on the harmonica here?
  19. Paperjace

    Setting Tap Tempo w/ MFC causes short audio dropout

    I have a rhythmic delay (dotted 8th? Can't remember) running parallel with the dry signal. Because we play with a live drummer without a metronome, I need to sync up the delays with the tempo. I have do this while I'm playing. There are no breaks or pauses. Whenever I'm playing and hit the...
  20. S

    Help with Soda Stereo preset (Disco eterno)

    Hi guys, I'm from Argentina, I have the AX8. I'm trying to recreate the sound of the song of Soda Stereo "Disco eterno", I can't figure out how to set the delay to sound like that. I'll aprecciate any help you can provide me. Thanks!!!
  21. Ophidiuchus

    Is this achievable within the XL+?

    Hi fellow forumites, I came across this post in Instagram and man, I was blown away! Is there someone capable of guiding me through the process, or sharing a preset or insight ti get something as fabulous as this in the trusty Axe FX II? Here's the link: Cheers!
  22. Team.AppleJuice

    Help getting DARK SUN delay + reverb tone

    Hey guys, I've been trying to emulate the delays from this pedal, but I'm not having much luck. This is probably basic stuff, but if anyone can help it would be much appreciated. I'm not sure how to go about getting that darker tone on the delays
  23. Sustainerplayer

    Pop with The Edge-esque style riff

    I wrote the main guitar riff at least five years ago and tried the riff in several other songs before it ended up in this one. So it has been a long time in the making. The riff started out with the 1/8 dotted delay going into a 1/8 delay. This was at the time when I used the Eleven Rack. It...
  24. D

    Delay/reverb tails isolation question

    Hey all, I am wondering if there is a away to isolate the tails of the reverb/delay or even potentially any other effects? I am pretty sure I saw in a video (probably by @2112 or @LucasLeCompte ) about it being done, but I believe that is lost in the bowels of my viewing history by this point...
  25. orion32773

    Intro to amp modelers part 1

    This is part 1 of a 2 part series on amp modelers. Very high level but may be useful to point people to, to get them started. Correction in video “Full Range Flat Response”....I said Flat range. Duh.
  26. D

    Bug? Lo Fi Delay unwanted spillover

    Hi. Sorry for my bad english. I use the LoFi Delay in almost every preset of my AX8 but in every case the delay is set bypassed by default in every scene. The bug is that when i change between i.e. Preset 1 to Preset 2 (with two different bpm) that sounds a little spillover even whit the delay...
  27. Petunia

    Bug? Delay Low & High Cut readings don't change

    FW 10.01, delay block using analog mono. When changing the high and low cut settings directly on the ax8, the graph changes, but the value readings stay at 20,000 and 20 respectively. So change is happening, but the numbers don't move.
  28. H

    Expression pedal delay settings

    Hi all, I know this sounds like a question that has been asked a thousand times before. I read many of those and watched youtube instructional vids. I cannot get this to work the way I want it though. Expression pedal connected to mfc-101. Correctly calibrated. Works perfectly. Now I want it...
  29. Budda

    Post-whatever players, what's your FX8 setup?

    As the title states, I'm hoping to see what other post-rock/hardcore/metal players are running for their FX8 setup. As someone who's coming from a timeline/bigsky rig, it some exploring to find cool reverbs and delays. That and the fact that the editing options are so deep, I probably won't...
  30. L

    Question about stereo presets/enhancer block

    So i bought my AX8 about 3 months ago and I've been using it mono ever since (dumb i know!) because i didnt want any complications while i got adjusted to the system. now i feel comfortable with the AX8 and I want to go full stereo for live applications. I read that the enhancer block is a...
  31. Steve Lockridge

    Dotted 1/8th Notes, Tap Tempo, & Presets

    Let's say I have a preset with a dotted 1/8th delay setting. If I go to that preset, tap a tempo, then leave the preset, when I come back to the preset, does it remember the tapped tempo?
  32. R

    New user on here

    Hello everybody. I am new on fractal audio world. I'm writing from Italy... I have an youtube channel. As you can understand i am a fan of The Edge sound . You can watch my videos on that link. I know that the fractal fx is the best unit for get that sound,especially for delays and reverbs. I...
  33. unFILTERed

    Wish Meter for Ducker Attenuation in blocks like Reverb, Delay

    The compressor block already have smth similar, so we are able to see when the compressor kicks in, how much it attenuates and so on. I think it would be helpful if we were able to see, as an example: how much signal is coming into the reverb block (could be a green line in the meter) and how...
  34. N

    RnB tone

    Anyone got any tips on how to make a sweet RnB tone? I’m up for any suggestions, conventional or not!!! Thanks!!
  35. Arkks

    Layered Ambient guitars.

    Lots of layered guitars. The delays on the axefx are awesome! Arkks
  36. JRFarmer

    2290 vs Digital Delay models

    Can anybody explain the difference between these delay models? The 2290 is a digital delay, so I'm often confused about what could be different between these models? If I X/Y these models in the AX8, I don't hear a lot of difference. I'll also accept a general description of how the 2290...
  37. Mincer

    Reverse Delay...sort of...possible?

    I am not talking about the audio coming out backwards with and no repeats (Belew-ish backwards guitar). What I would like to do is have regular forward delay, but the repeats start out quiet, and get progressively louder with each one. I don't want oscillation, but just for those repeats to stop...
  38. AndrewKirkland

    How to emulate Twist mode from Boss giga delay and Boss space echo pedals?

    I am having a tough time emulating the twist mode from Boss. This twist mode is essentially the delay time speeding up and the feedback also ramping up at the same time. When the footswitch is released the delay slows down again and fades out. This is a very sci-fi,space ship, motorcycle like...
  39. G

    Bill Kirchen

    Hi Guys, Any idea about a Good Bill Kirchen, Lost Planet Airmen type tone. I think the main issue is I'm completely unfamiliar with setting delays. I get the timing but am not sure how the repeats work. Is there a tutorial on the AX8 delays anywhere? Thanks Greg
  40. Teej

    Brian May (Queen) at Wembley '86 Tone Attempt

    One of my favorite guitar tones I've ever heard is Brian May's from Queen's 1986 Wembley Stadium shows. Here is my best attempt at recreating it. I'm so grateful that my Axe-FX can get me so close to sounds like this. I certainly could never afford 3 vintage Vox AC30s plus effects just to get...
  41. Jbmetal

    Oil Can Delay

    Hey, guys. I've been messing around with this patch for a bit and got it sounding pretty cool, so I'd thought I'd share it. It's meant to emulate the sound of an oil can delay. These delays are very warm, warbly, and just a yummy, gooey mess. I made a recording showcasing a couple different...
  42. C

    1 expression multi effects

    Question #1: I have over 40 presets for a cover band. I want to knock this down to 1 or 2 'sounds' that will cover the set. However, I only have one expression pedal and I use it on a way as well as delay controls. Is there a way for the wah and delay controls to be used at the same time...
  43. Milco

    Smooth solo tone!

    Hey guys made this solo tone using the solo clean with a bit of drive from the ts808. What other amps or methods have you used to get a similar tone? Let me know what you think!
  44. C

    Can I get my AX8 to sound like a Binson Echorec?

    All I am looking for a delay sound like the famous vintage Binson Echorec Can anyone give me any suggestions? To be specific, I not only want delay, but that decay and modulation that the Binson creates I played one of those Echosex delay pedals, and they sound KILLER!!! Help is appreciated...
  45. Eduard

    Problem with assigning EXT to L+R delay feedback

    When I assign my EV-1(EXT2) to the left and right delay feedback of my 2290 delay I can't save the preset. The feedback settings freak-out and go up and down. So only left is fine but as soon as I assign Right to the EXT2 as well then there seems to be an issue. It can't handle it. Is this a bug...
  46. Milco

    Parallel reverb and delay

    I know it may not be the most liked song in this forum, but I thought the song could use some 8 string guitar haha First time using reverb and delay parallel to the clean tone and I think I like it way more. Let me know what you think!
  47. Scott M Landry

    Delay/Reverb Trails

    So, I've been doing some reading/research and I still can't seem to get the answer clear. Maybe it's a lack of coffee... How do you get the delay or reverb to trail while switching scenes within a given preset? Say, I have two delay blocks in series. The first delay in the chain is on X state...
  48. M

    Axe FX II & Delays

    Hi! Just got my AXE FX 2 XL+ this week and have been experimenting with different delays to get suitable sound for my lead tones. I am trying to achieve this big stereo ping pongy sound where I would have one 350ms delay with two repeats in front fattening my main sound and second 750ms delay...
  49. Niels Beier

    Spillover between scenes?

    I've been trying to set up my unit as running scenes, for different parts-changes within the song I'm playing. However, though I've set spillover to BOTH in the Globals menu, whenever I'm on a scene with delay and go to a scene without it, there's no spillover - the delay just cuts off...
  50. AndyKay

    Problems with "mute fx out" bypass mode

    I try to understand the influence of the bypass mode parameters "thru", "mute fx out" and "mute fx in" on the level of DIRECT SOUND for DELAY1, REVERB, etc. blocks when used in series. I only mention the DELAY1 block here (REVERB, etc. behave the same): - I use DELAY1 block (in series) - MIX...
  51. AndyKay

    Problems with DELAY1 and REVERB parameters MIX, LEVEL

    I try to understand some parameters in AX8-edit, mainly how MIX and LEVEL work for DELAY1 and REVERB blocks when used in series. - I use DELAY1 block (in series) - I set this block to BYPASS (with SPACE key) - altought the block is bypassed, I can change the volume of my direct signal with the...
  52. Igor Paspalj

    Having fun with "Slapback" delay :)

    Here's one funny tune, my cover of Nuno Bettencourt - Flight of The Wounded Bumblee Bee :) Everybody probably know this one :) Lot of fun with this slapback delay coming from Axe Fx II, of course :)
  53. Scott M Landry

    Volume Swell - delay

    Can anyone give me a hand with a preset where I use an expression pedal to do volume swells? I typically use an Ac-30 amp and want can never seem to get drive and delay settings right to make a swell sound good. Any help would be awesome. Thanks
  54. F

    What are best delay settings for high gain lead 80s solo

    I need help in knowing what settings are best for delays for a high gain lead soloing tone. Think 1987-1993 hair metal guitar god slow ballads. I'm using the med. Cathedral for reverb. And I'm using imp pre od2 for amp, full od pedal for drive, and a fo65 cab 4x12 Cali cab. And also a enhance...
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