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default settings

  1. guitarfreak365

    Not a Bug Power Cycle triggered default settings?

    Yesterday I finalized my presets right before practice and everything was great as usual. Right when I got to my practice, when i turned my AX8 on, some settings switched to the default. All of the foot switches changed from what I set them to. Also some setting like the large display time and...
  2. D

    Wish AX8-Edit - Default Scene and Tempo

    In the AX8 CFG tab we had: Controllers, FS Mode, Midi, Tuner, Tempo and Default Scene. But in the AX8 edit is missing the TEMPO and DEFAULT SCENE cfg. It will be great to make all the editing from the software, even the Tempo and Default Scene. Thanks.
  3. sskkmm

    Preset change - volume block issues? Default on load question SOLVED

    Something I noticed after my first gig with the AX8... I prefer to have a volume pedal after drives and before delay/verbs...so instead of using the global volume pedal option, I have added the Vol block in my presets. However, when I switch presets, the preset is always at full volume even if...
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