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  1. S

    Recording issues with my Axe FX III

    Hi to all, i deeply try to find any similar thread about this issues, but nothing so i try here. I'm an owner of an FX III from one and a half year and i always used my Axe through the power section of my amp, plugging the mono output of the Axe through the return of the amp, switching often...
  2. kbrown455

    Midi Keyboard to Reaper DAW Through AXE FX III 3

    I have searched the forums and keep failing miserably! Is it possible to play piano using a midi keyboard connected by a 7-pin midi cord thru the AXE FX III which is connected by USB to a Mac laptop running Reaper? I don't care about controlling anything by midi, I just want to be able to...
  3. C

    Recording in adobe audition with axe ultra and interface

    So I got an axe ultra MKII for christmas as it's all I could afford and I love it except for having to use an audio interface instead of USB. I'm fairly new to recording my own stuff using a daw and even newer to ideas like DI and reamping. But I have a friend who is helping explain. My issue is...
  4. Michael Scarabino

    Crystal Echoes DAW Plugin

    I'm not sure if this has ever been discussed before. But has there ever been a VST plugin designed for crystal echoes? Perhaps even a user version of it from another vst? I want to try applying that sound to strings!
  5. C

    Axe-Fx III Cubase setup help

    Hello, I just got my Axe-FX III and it is working totally fine and i can edit the presets with Axe-Edit III without problems. Now i try to connect it to my DAW (Cubase 10), but i don't get any input on the meters and no sound comes from the DAW. Just for testing, i activated and added all...
  6. vaultnaemsae

    VG-99 + GP-10 USB Audio as digital source for Axe-Fx II XL+ over USB Audio (via DAW)

    There are several threads here about failed attempts to use SPDIF to connect the VG-99/Axe-Fx II. Obviously, the different/locked sample rates proved to be an issue. I’ve posted about this issue on several forums throughout the process of trying to find an answer and I think this now is the...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] No recording/playback when recording into Logic Pro X on AX8

    Questioning the relevancy of this thread considering the Axe FX III and FM3 are very much a thing, but I just bought an AX8 and am having trouble recording into Logic Pro X. My setup is a the unit itself going into my Focusrite 6i6 via S/PDIF, of which is going through my Yamaha HS5's through...
  8. orion32773

    Video: Original track using Logic Pro to automate patch and scene changes

    For those of you that like the idea of automating patches/scenes on the Axe Fx 3 with your DAW (recording software), I did an updated video of using Logic Pro (it can apply to most other DAWs) to do this. Check it out!
  9. J

    High DI Level & Low Playback Volume through DAW when recording w/ Axe-Fx III

    Hello Fractal Community, I have been having a few issues with trying to record through my Axe-Fx III and Studio One 2 (DAW). I am connected Direct/FRFR as instructed on the manual. I have also followed the Input Level instructions in the manual to where the Input Level on the front of my Axe-Fx...
  10. Andrew Sullivan

    How are some of you recording direct from Axe-Fx II XL into an interface?

    I am currently going from my output 2 jacks into a Tascam interface, but on high gain sounds, I am still getting that farty digital distortion sound. I am using Studio One for my DAW, but I had the same problem using a Digidesign interface and Pro Tools and also Reaper. Please let me know how...
  11. Mark Pritchard

    Advice needed to make guitar video’s!

    So I have an AX8 and a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 interface. My laptop died the other day and am thinking of getting an iMac. I need advice in what DAW to get to make guitar videos and how to use my iPhone to film then to sync the audio. I don’t think I need anything too complicated to do this but...
  12. Stagepig

    Reaper as DAW replacement?

    Hey, It seems like there are quite a few Reaper users on this forum. After using Studio One, Ableton and Maschine for general recording purposes my band brought the idea up to use reaper as the main DAW for the band. Mostly because of it's cost and the rather simple installer (no big download...
  13. Spoons

    AX8 Not Showing Up As A Sound Device??

    My Axe-Fx II is identified as Line (Axe-Fx II Audio) device in Sonar X3 Producer but I can't find the AX8 in the audio devices anywhere on my computer. The AX8 is definitely communicating with the computer, I use AX8-Edit routinely. What have I missed? Can someone help? P.S. I'm using Sonar...
  14. Carmacore

    Control looper and other momentary switches from DAW

    Hi Guys, my II is now back from repair after the fire in my rehearsal room and while I´m about to create all the old sounds again I also want to get rid of my MFC live. Changing of presets and scenes as well as expression curves work propertly. But i just cant force the looper to do his work...
  15. Armando

    Reamping 2 DI Tracks Simultaneously

    Hello, Is there a way to reamp 2 DI tracks simultaneously with the Axe Fx II? I want to see how things sound when they're double tracked, is there a quick way of doing this? Thanks!
  16. JustinBourdeau

    Using Axe-Fx II for FX in Reaper?

    Hey guys, I've got a question for the routing and signal path geeks. I'm hoping I can explain myself clearly on this one: Before I start, here's the gear I'm using: AxeFX II Mark II Digi 002 Rack Reaper (DAW) I want to use my AxeFX as an FX box for my mixes in Reaper. For example, I'd like to...
  17. Flippy2good

    Best DAW?

    hey dudes, what DAW do you guys recommend or prefer for recording with your axe fx for studio quality recordings?
  18. D

    Axe into DAW

    For those that use the Axe as an audio interface, how do you guys run it into your DAW? I use Protools and have been using the FAS USB Audio ASIO Driver, but today it just doesn't want to work after I got a new cooling pad for my laptop (usb powered). It must be a driver thing as that's all...
  19. S

    Audio Drop out when switching patches/scenes

    Hey guys, VERY new to this world and had searched high and low on an answer for the past 4 days and havent found an answer yet So i apologize if this is a duplicate. We run Reaper live for backing tracks, click, and midi programming to change 2 Avid Eleven Racks and 1 AxeFx XLII+ (firmware on...
  20. Smittefar

    ToneMatch in Reaper plus freeware

    I am still hoping, FAS will release a tone match VST plugin that will be able to export a cab file. I will buy it instantly. I wanted to do a video showing how to do this - it is very easy and quite quick, but it will be soooo long, before I have time to do a proper video. In the meantime, I...
  21. mwd

    Why do you like Reaper?

    I started on Cakewalk in the 90's. I tried Cubase in the interim then migrated to Logic several years ago. But I notice many users love Reaper and I was wondering 'exactly' why and what it is you like about this program? Obviously the price is very reasonable so I'm looking for reasons not so...
  22. kelstervonshredster

    What effects you using in your DAW when recording with Axe FX?

    Just curious what the "pros" are doing when they lay an Axe FX track down in your DAW. Here is my setup: Guitar > Axe FX >Logic Pro. Recording direct via USB, using the Axe as my audio interface in Logic. When I record a track into Logic Pro, it sounds good but never as good as hearing...
  23. I

    MIDI Program Change on two units at a time

    Hello everyone, I'm quite new to the MIDI thing. Here's my question: Say we have two Axe's in a band and we want the DAW to change programs/presets automatically on both units. How do we set the thing going? I mean both technically (what hardware is needed?) and software-side (how do I set MIDI...
  24. X-Mann

    What Recording DAW & Interface............?

    Hey guys, I'm new to Fractal & have a quick questions for everyone. What DAW are you using & interface to connect to your Axe-Fx? Do you like it/love it & what would you recommend? Note: I've only used Pro-Tools LE (for the last 5-years) & my interface has been the Eleven Rack. It's what got...
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