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  1. shaunb

    Where Devils Dare - Bass Only heavy rock song #3, ML USA Bass & Zilla content

    This is "Bass Only" heavy rock song number 3. I was going to just do three of these but I keep coming up with more ideas in this format, so there may be more in the future. This one has a more eerie feel and the "lead bass" aka "guitar" tracks retain more of a bass-like character for the most...
  2. shaunb

    "No guitar hard rock" song #2 - Q4 ML USA Bass and Zilla + Brit 800, Corncob & Plexi 50W Hi 1

    Here's my second "no guitar hard rock" song. It's my G&L Tribute Series L-2500 5 string bass rocking the AxeFXII XL+ updated to Quantum 4.00 and not guitars at all. The bass track was done using the Citrus Bass 200 paired with the new USA Bass cab pack from ML Sound Lab based (pun not...
  3. shaunb

    ML Bulb Zilla preview - high gain, medium gain and clean examples using multiple IRs - PRESETS ADDED

    Howdy. I was doing some IR auditions for an upcoming recording session and thought I could do a shorter version for anyone who is interested in the ML Sound Lab Zilla cab pack and wanted to hear some more examples of what you can expect. I have done three clips to cover a variety of...
  4. shaunb

    Corncob M50 Zilla rocker

    This is a recording I did back in the early beta of the upcoming Zilla pack from ML Soundlab. My man Darko Dimovski had some fun remixing it so I thought I'd post the original. This is the Corncob M50 with a number of single mic IRs utilising V30 and Creamback H75 speakers and SM57 mics...
  5. Guitarjon

    New rock tune! 90's style? Ownhammer 2x12 Orange and Corncob grind!

    Hey all! I just uploaded this new track. I hadn't properly played guitar for about a month because of some hand issues I had going on. I'm back in the saddle again now so I had to make a new rock tune. So this track features a new cab by Ownhammer that is coming out in a day or 2 so stay...
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