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  1. D

    Wish AX8-Edit - Default Scene and Tempo

    In the AX8 CFG tab we had: Controllers, FS Mode, Midi, Tuner, Tempo and Default Scene. But in the AX8 edit is missing the TEMPO and DEFAULT SCENE cfg. It will be great to make all the editing from the software, even the Tempo and Default Scene. Thanks.
  2. J

    Wish Setup menu via Axe-Edit

    the entire setup menu should be editable via Axe Edit. Especially the midi settings
  3. Meatcurtains

    Help - Question about running stereo rig

    My Axe FX II XL+ is still on its way but I've got a question for everyone. I'm currently running a Mesa Triple Rectifier and a VH4 with no modeling, except for a two notes torpedo on my Diezel. I want the Axe FX to take over for the Mesa, but I intend to continue using the Mesa as a power amp...
  4. K

    How to configure a live sytem

    Hello, I recently purchased a Axe FX II XL + and have been having a great time playing with it. I have figured out how I would like to use it in live situations which is the following: 1) 2 FRFR speakers in monitor position (pointing at the front of me) running in stereo - a left and a right...
  5. J

    Need Help: FX8 Edit Cfg Page

    I just updated to FW 3.01. I also updated to the latest version of FX8 Edit. I've watched some YouTube tutorials about how the Config page works, so I understand how/why it's different than the FS page. However, when using FX8 Edit, I'm unclear about how to place fx into the 8 available fx...
  6. glombi

    Pre-Amp AND Pre+Power-Amp-Bock in parallel?

    Hi, I'm new to FAS and this forum. But I was considering to set up a simple AX8-rig for the following purposes: home and practice use mainly with headphones and MAC-recording (digital out to interface, including power-amp and cab-sim) rehearsals and gigs with my tube power-amp (1/4" out...
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