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  1. L

    Axe-Fx 3 Cleans much better than Axe-Fx 2? Comparison/opinion about.

    I'm an AxeFx2 owner and i just saw some videos on youtube demonstrating new AxeFx3 clean sounds (almost all fender amps). I felt impressed, they seems to sound really much better than those in AxeFx2. Is it only a sensation of mine or there has been that great improvement i felt about? I'm...

    AX8 Chorus ;-)

    Monday's Videos ;)
  3. R

    Don't have AX8 but read the Review of version 8.02

    What caught my attention is that the Guitar World Review of 2017 mentioned the AX8 sounding more open but ALSO clean tones have that ' touch to string ' sound. THAT is what caught my attention because I could put that feature to good use ... But I noticed that NOW the AX8 is at 9. something...
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