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classic rock

  1. AnswerInfinity

    A lil classic rock using a preset and an Italian Tele

    I made this lil tune: Using this tele: With the basic preset on the Axe FX ///:
  2. Rob Suelfllohn

    Guitar cover Skynyrd "I need You" with Bluesbreaker preset from Andrea Maccianti

    Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover. Using Les Paul CC#8 , Rewind pickups, and Andrea MAccianti's great Bluesbreaker Preset
  3. Marciel Marcasso

    "Red Barchetta" - Rush - Guitar and Bass with Axe-Fx III

    I tried to do my best with guitar sound of "Red Barchetta" of Rush.. I saw some tips here in the forum that helped me a lot. but when I finished, I was very curious to know what the Bass sound would look like in the AXE III. I confess that I'm not a good bass player. but I tried hard.. And yes...
  4. spv

    Stone In Love — live Journey cover

    Here is a live cover from a recent gig we did in Boston for a private party. My Axe FX is run direct to FOH with an single Atomic CLR for feedback generation purposes and stage volume. Patches are based on Moke’s Escape patch from custompresets.com (thanks Moke!) All audio was captured live in...
  5. Dave McDowell

    Fractal Newbie learning to use the Axe FX II needs some direction

    Hi, everyone. I'm pretty new here. Actually bought the Axe FX II XL+ (and MFC-101) last summer. Went through most of the 384 or so presets, and only liked a few. I quickly realized I was going to need to devote some serious time to learning how to develop sounds for myself, and the first...
  6. Smittefar

    Classic Rock preset (JM45, T808, FaceFuzz, Rotary, delay)

    Here is a preset based on Brit JM45. It has three scenes: 1) Clean/edge of break-up with rotary, 2) Raw rock riff tone with T808 and 3) Lead with Face Fuzz - Very good for cleaning up your tone with the volume knob. Here is a demo - I apologize for the shitty playing - the sound is coming out...
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