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class a

  1. Burgs

    Vox In Blocks! 5.02 free preset and video demo.

    There have been some stunning Vox-based preset uploads from various forum members in recent months. So I've seen fit to celebrate the release of 5.02 (thanks, Cliff!) with one of my own. The video and preset info will tell all. I hope you have some fun with it. Preset link...
  2. Burgs

    Mr May tones. Preset and video links.

    When I moved up from the XL+ to a III I missed my old Brian May preset. So I've written another around the most excellent template created by @austinbuddy. Give it a shot and have some fun. The video: The preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6530
  3. shaunb

    Quick demo with Fryette, Friedman, Bassman, Vox and ML Sound Lab tones.

    With Mikko of ML Sound Lab announcing his new Cab Pack competition I figured I'd post a demo of something I was working on recently. As I'm an ML Beta tester I'm not entering the comp, but it was a good excuse to post something from a couple of months back as a break from working on the album I...
  4. Smittefar

    Higher gain companion to AC15?

    So I recently started building Preset templates. I already have one based on Marshall JM45 and Brit Silver, JM45 being the cleaner one and the brit silver being the higher gain one. I want to do rougly the same just based on a Class A amp, and currently the AC15 is my favourite. But I don't...
  5. shaunb

    UPDATED VERSION Ambient groove electro with Vox guitar tones

    (EDIT: This is an updated version of Inverted Gaze with the bulid up section before the ending re-worked) I'm not really sure how to describe this one but I like it. It's a different sound for me. I guess it's pretty chill but a bit moody and reflective. Started playing around with EZDrummer2...
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