channel switching

  1. Duncan Rigby

    Wish Global Channel increment from FC external switch for all blocks in a scene

    Assign an external FC switch to increment the channel (A,B,C,D,A:) in all blocks in a scene.
  2. vz42

    [fixed] Assigning Controllers "channel toggle" to Per Preset FC issue

    Hi, I've just experienced a weird behaviour: If I assign the Controllers "effect" channel toggle function to a per preset fc, it does not will work. The colour led doesn't light up (the 3rd footswitch on the picture), and if I press this footswitch, the LCD display says: Control NOT IN THIS...
  3. M

    5150 III Scenes and MIDI switching

    Trying to configure/set up Scenes and MIDI switching with EVH 5150 III 50w Stealth. The idea is to set up channel one, two and three on the amp to correspond with effect to channel switch and engage effects assigned. I’ve looked on YouTube and there are several demos but nothing on the actual...
  4. jordikt

    Wish Managing Channels Improvement : Channel Info

    EDITED: The implement of this wish seems difficult to implement due excessive data storage in FM3/AXE unit. I found another way to give text description to channels using tags, using less memory. Find it here...
  5. R

    Old guy trying to figure this out.

    Hey guys, I am running an EVH 50 watt and an EVH EL34 50 Watt in stereo with all analog stuff right now. I would love to clean up my home studio and have a simple unit to do everything. I borrowed an FX8 and tried it and have all the effects programming down. My problem is I want to be able to...
  6. Pat Reilly

    Axe-Fx III Amp Channel Changing on its own

    I have been having this issue where my amp channel changes from a to c in one of my scenes without me triggering it with my Rocktron Midi mate controller. This is pretty annoying when I am performing live because it completely changes the tone and forces me to worry about it at every gig. It...
  7. Keg8605

    FX8 Relay's

    Hi quick question - so the relay on the FX8 is trs. A lot of amps are TS. I'm looking to have a snake made for an FX8 or AX8 setup. Does this mean I could have a trs cable included and use the y splitter adapters as needed on either end depending on the setup?
  8. nojyeloot

    Can A Bogner Ecstasy's Channels Be Controlled By MFC-101?

    Need some advice pls. Friend of mine uses his Ecstasy for his amp tones, a real cab & his AxeFX II for effect/etc. Currently he has to switch his amp channels with his Bogner footswitch, and control any other effects with his MFC (bit of tap dancing). Is it possible (without the Bogner...
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