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  1. Nightime

    How to calibrate an expression pedal from the Axe-Edit III UI?

    Hi, I'm guessing I'm just dense but for the life of me I can't figure out where you can perform Expression pedal calibration from the Axe Edit GUI. Is it only possible on the device itself? That would be unfortunate since I was able to completely hide my Axe Fx III in my mobile rack off stage...
  2. nielsvandoorne

    Problem when calibrating expression pedal.

    Hey guys. I have 2 strange things happening when trying to calibrate my Line 6 EX-1 to my AX8.... 1. When i plug everything in and run the calibration process, the input value on the calibration screen only goes from 0 to mabey 5% 2. When i plugin my cable to pedal 1 but only push it halfway...
  3. Conley Shepherd

    FIXED! FC FW 1.09 Major lag in calibration response on AF3 - controller taper affected?

    I am having a huge time issue with lag on the Expression pedal calibrations hooked up to the FC12. I have 2 Yamaha FC7 pedals plugged into the FC12. The FC controller/remote page, each is set for pedal 1 and pedal 2 as continuous controllers. When calibrating each pedal, both behave this...
  4. Marciel Marcasso

    Three EV-2 pedals loses mechanical calibration and my solution (HELP PLZ)

    I have here 3 EV-2 pedals which unfortunately present the same problem. If I make gentle movements. everything works OK. But if I make quick or strong movements the pedal loses its mechanical calibration. And even I recalibrating (I made a video teaching this to help other people). after a...
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