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  1. LucasLeCompte

    How To Get IR Cabs From VST To Axe FX III

    I got asked about this so I made a video about it. I know a lot of us here may already know to do this but for those who dont, this will help. Sometimes we want cabs but they are in a VST and we have to export them out of the VST to get them on to the Axe Fx. It is actually pretty simple...
  2. Cpt737

    What Cab is loaded when importing presets?

    Hi everyone. Quick question. On AxeFX III when you import a preset (axe change etc), what cab does axe fx put into cab block if you do not have the original IR in your library? Does it load a random factory IR from the library? If you have the same IR with the imported preset, does it load the...
  3. A

    Axe-Fx 3 and cab packs

    I have some cab packs from my AXE-FX2 and it looks like most are already in the AXE3. Is there a list of ones not included in the 3? TIA!
  4. axedude

    User Cabs Combine Multiple Cabs into one New User Cab

    I've looked around but cannot find an answer to this one, and I'm sorry if this is a dumb question!! Is it possible to set up 2 or more cabs and their settings, then save that combination of cabs and settings as a new user cab preset ?? So each time I want the Own Hammer cab and Marshall cab...
  5. austinbuddy

    Missing Essentials: Some Cab IRs would like to hunt down...

    Hi everyone: Now that I have an Axe III there are a lot of IRs to choose from. But there are some IRs I have not yet found that I think would be useful to have... so I'm posting this here. If anyone has these IRs or can recommend a commercial version that is very good, would appreciate it...
  6. camilovelandiamusic

    Wish Copy/Paste Cab

    I love blending cabs, but sometimes it's a pain in the butt when I wanna have two consecutive cabs to blend different mics and I have to scroll through all the cabs to get to the next one. Sometimes, impatiently, I swing the wheel a little too much and end up going a couple hundred over the...
  7. Marcin Wojtaszczyk

    Presets and user cabs association / moving user IRs?

    Hi guys, I've some new impulses I love, but I'm running out of room in my AXE XL. If I'll delete unused ones, and move used to other locations (to make some clean order), will my preset lost connection to associated user IRs? Thanks, have a good day!
  8. C

    Breaking Benjamin’s patches?

    I know these guys started using Fractal a few years ago now. At first I wasn’t that impressed with how it was sounding for them but I just watched a video of a guy that got a VIP experience with them and you can hear the tones being used in their soundcheck and a short clip of the actual live...
  9. Helvistrings

    Switching Cabs

    Hi! I need help! I use 2 different cabs one in X state and a diferent one in Y state...when I change the cabinet from X to Y the volume in the Y changes a lot, I practically can not hear it. I did a factory reset and updated the firmware and even then the problem continues.
  10. SteveFireland

    Amps vs cabs

    It has always seemed to me that the cab choice is way more important than the amp choice. To the point where the amp choice isn't all that important, as long as you pick something in the general "family" that you need. For example, it's not so important if I pick the Das Metall or Angle Severe...
  11. austinbuddy

    Helpful Cab Color Sorting Trick for V30s and Greenbacks in Axe-Fx

    If you like V30s' and Greenback speakers, I've done some work here that will save you some time. You can color-code factory cabinets using Cab-Manage. I color code all the Greenbacks cabs green, and the V30 cabs blue. You can then sort by color as well. So attached are screen shots of...
  12. J

    Setup suggestions for live gigs with Axe fx II :)

    Hi everyone, Noob here. I was wondering what would you suggest for live performances with the Axe-fx. I currently use a solid state amp and do it directly from the output 1 of axe fx. But i will not be carrying the amp everywhere so need a setup that would not change the tone from Axe fx xl+...
  13. houstonwehaveuhoh

    Friedman Launches ASC-12 500-Watt Powered Monitor

    Looks dope, and really makes me want to get rid of my ASM-12. The only thing the ASM-12 doesn't have going for it is the form factor, and this looks to be a solution for that. What does everyone else think? http://friedmanamplification.com/monitors/asc-12
  14. F

    Powered Speaker solution - non-US Fractal owner

    Hey there! New to forums and to Axe Fx, in general. I am testing some stuff here and there - mostly playing my Fractal through headphones and in ear monitoring. Thing I should note is I'm a bassist, although not the most conservative type of bassist, as most bassist happen to be. I was...
  15. Descom

    Atomic CLR vs Matrix FR10.

    So I'm looking at getting one of the two. Would love to hear from owners - why do you love either? I've heard more in favor of the Atomic, but the Matrix is a fair bit lighter which is appealing. Cheers!
  16. P

    Shipping Costs for 2 Xitone wedges to Australia?

    Does anyone know how much it would cost to ship two Xitone wedges to Australia? Cheers
  17. Nakul Sharma

    Respective Amps Best Factory Cabs

    Hey all, I use Axe FX 2 XL+ for live and for recordings. Played more than 15 gigs now. Hands down the best gear I have by far.. I love it. Each day it gives me goosebumps. Ok so back to my query.. As of now I don't have Cab packs. Many of you guys use Cab packs. And many are like me who use...
  18. TheTrooper

    Fixed Factory Cabs sounds really wrong (almost half of them)

    Somebody reported that on 6.02 and I had the issue on 6.03, same thing now with 7 Beta. It's like there's no Cab at all, and You are only hearing the Amp. I don't really use Factory Cabs, but I guess this has to be fixed someway
  19. Jammer77

    Wish Separate Cab Emulation Settings for Out 1 XLR and 1/4"

    I have really come to rely on my external pedals in a stereo FX loop to accomplish a few extra things and save CPU. (A couple Strymon pedals, Neunaber Stereo Wet and looper). Because of this I don't have access to run Out 2 to my stereo SS amp and 2 cabs for monitors on stage. My ideal setup...
  20. Megahertzz

    Looking for Marshall MF280 cab IR's

    Does anyone have a good IR for the Marshall MF280 cabs they would be willing to share, or point me in the direction of a site where I could buy one? Before the Axe FX saved my back (literally) i used to haul a Marshall JVM410 and two MF280 cabs to every gig, and I loved the tone i got from...
  21. B

    Axe-Fx w/ Cab lacking low end (HELP)

    Hi there! I know that this topic has probably been posted hundreds of times on this website but if anyone has any other links or posts that they've seen regarding this topic, that would be great Anyway, I just recently purchased an Orange 2x12 and I have been tinkering with the settings (on...
  22. unofficialnakul

    Finding the Right Cabs

    Hey there! Got my axe 2 weeks back. I am absolutely blown away the unit.. the perfect sound anyone can get! It's just I am very much used to mesa amps. That sound, it's tone. But now I want to try different amp models. I want to know if anyone have a list specifying the correct factory cabs...
  23. ralphonz

    How to Match Amps and Cabs?

    Hi everyone, I've had my axe fx II a while now. I don't have a lot of knowledge about amps or cabs. I have a few standard set ups which I always use as a basis for creating new tones. I mainly bought the axe to play with interesting fx set-ups and use modifiers as it was before the release of...
  24. Samho

    Banks Samho : All amps sorted by trademarks and models

    Hi all! I would like to share with you presets that I made (and that I use too) when I'm looking for a specific sound. Actually, it's not some presets but 3 banks organized in a special way : All amps are sorted by trademarks and models. All amps are sorted from clean to overdrive. The...
  25. Jeremy Johnson

    Best Speakers/Cab To Run Through?

    Hey guys, Just got the Axe-Fx Mk II and a Crown power amp. What should I run it through? For now, I just have my guitar cab. Will that sound decent(haven't been able to hook everything up yet)? What are some recommendations on speakers/cabs that will make this baby purr? Thanks!
  26. Emanuel

    What IR Cabs do you swear by for Rock/Metal

    Hi all. I just wanted to get everyone else's opinion and recommendations on what cabs they like using when playing rock/metal. I find the basic V30 cab gives me that chunk and definition but it can be really hissy in the highs ( I usually have to cut a lot out when mixing, but whenever I try out...
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