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  1. ztevie

    Cabs in series

    So I've revisited Cab Lab since many years. I remember that in earlier versions you could put IR's in series, but in Cab Lab 4 I don't find that option? My goal is to match a tone. So I was intending to match by ear as close as possible with an available 3rd party cab. Then EQ match with some...
  2. J

    Use Your Illusion cab ir

    What's up Fractal Forum! I've been testing and messing around a bit regarding a cabinet ir for Slash tones. Unfortunately am I not an Axe Fx user (yet ;)) and have been struggling to get a good Slash tone without the Axe Fx's magic. I made an ir today and I would like to share it here for some...
  3. J

    CAB PACKS with CAB LAB problem

    What's up FAS forum! I just bought a cab pack to cab lab, because I don't have an Axe FX :(. Anyways, .ir files is able to load but not .syx files. The pack I bought contains only .syx files. Can I do anything to open the files and use them?
  4. J

    Cab-Lab help

    What’s up Fractal! I’ve been thinking of getting Cab Lab 3 as an IR loader for my vst plugins. I don’t own an Axe Fx so I’m stuck with what I have (Neural DSP vst). Does getting Cab Lab and some Fractal cabpacks improve my tone if I already have all Ownhammer and ML soundlab packs?
  5. Prince

    When & How to apply Min Phase/MPT and Low & High Cuts?

    Hi y'all, I am in the process of mixing my massive stash of OwnHammer IRs for my FM3's User Cab Bank. Before before I go all in and make 1,024 IRs, I want to make sure I'm understanding these two steps correctly, so that I don't have to repeat this process. Yes, I have read a ton on this...
  6. Techboy57

    Is Cab Lab now obsolete in Axe FX III ?

    I was wondering with cab blending in the AFX III will cab lab become obsolete ?
  7. monkeyrg570

    Bug? sctrachpads dont sound auditioning from cab lab or axe edit

    I can't audition cabs from axe edit or sent to scratchpad via cab lab 1 - Ive tried the same cabs imported and they work fine , can anyone help me trouble shoot this problem please I can however load a scratchpad in axe edit then go to my block and select scratchpad and it will sound , but soon...
  8. musicman0001

    Stock vs Commerial Cabs (and where to start)

    I've changed recently from gigging to home studio recording and made my first recording with axe fx, but with factory stock cabs. Was not planning to buy a lot cabs, but I really wonder after reading forum (and many use non factory cabs) if the are soooo much better and worth buying. so I have...
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