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cab ir

  1. J

    Use Your Illusion cab ir

    What's up Fractal Forum! I've been testing and messing around a bit regarding a cabinet ir for Slash tones. Unfortunately am I not an Axe Fx user (yet ;)) and have been struggling to get a good Slash tone without the Axe Fx's magic. I made an ir today and I would like to share it here for some...
  2. Tremonster

    Fm3 as Cab Simulator

    Hi everyone! My question is: Does anyone know if I could use my Fm3 just as a cab simulator with a real head (I think maybe it depends on the head having a line output)? I'm not sure that can be done, I think not. But if possible I would like to use my head with a real 212, the fm3 for effects...
  3. W

    Wish Cab IR switching w/FC-12

    Considering the sheer amount of Cab IR's in the AxeFXII as well as the colossal amount of 3rd party IR's the Cab IR thing is a massive rabbit hole. Currently we have 4 cabs available per channel, accessible in a preset thru 8 scenes. On the FC-12 your able to switch the channels thus giving you...
  4. orion32773

    Intro to amp modelers part 1

    This is part 1 of a 2 part series on amp modelers. Very high level but may be useful to point people to, to get them started. Correction in video “Full Range Flat Response”....I said Flat range. Duh.
  5. DanGuitarMan

    Live vs. Recording Presets & Cab IRs

    Does anybody else feel the need to use separate presets/cab IRs for recording versus live? I find a lot of the built-in and third party presets sound great in recording situations. I've recorded on a few albums with ready made presets, and they sound and feel fantastic. There is a ton of...
  6. Moke

    Demo Video - Importing Preset and IR files

    This tutorial video shows you how to download and 'Import' the 'AX8' (same process for the 'Axe-Fx II') preset and IR files that you get when you purchase a preset from me. I get a lot of emails about this, so I decided to finally make a demo video. There is also a demo of a new feature added...
  7. Andrea Maccianti

    "A.M. LUKE CAA 3+SE" (Quantum 8.01)

    This patch it's available for Axe-Fx2 XL/XL+ Please contact me at andreamaccianti@hotmail.it or on my Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/andrea.maccianti and I'll answer you within 24 hours. Thank you in advance for supporting my work!!! This Patch has 5 Scenes + one of my own Custom IR. Cab...
  8. tomaesp

    Cab IR from Line 6 device

    Hi guys, I'm using Axe Fx Standard,but also have two Line 6 XT's for 5 years..I found that i really like their cab simulation "Line 6 2x12"...It sound perfect (for me) on almost every amp simulation... I know it's funny ,but is there possibility to make IR of that cab,and use it on my...
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