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brit 800 #34

  1. Smittefar

    Sweet Child o #34

    @Brian Coonan 's recent excellent sweet child video reminded me that I don't think, I shared this one in here. I mostly recorded the solo as part of my practice routine, but then added some pictures of the beautiful Les Paul I used :)
  2. Smittefar

    More Brit 800 #34 goodiness

    I have been working on a new Brit 800 #34 preset this week, so when Leon (@2112) posted a demo today, I thought I would fix the last bits and pieces and make a short demo today. Leon uses an IR from a Mesa Boogie cab with V30s and gets some great modern tones. I am going for a more classic...
  3. Andrea Maccianti

    Testing the FREE Brit 800 #34 By ML SOUND LAB

    Great Free Patch by @ML SOUND LAB. I left everything in default, I just added a slight delay. Stock Cab here. That's it :)
  4. Smittefar

    800 #34 and two Les Pauls go to Paradise ...

    ... City I have the morning all to myself today, and I have been playing with the #34 the last few days. So, today I finally recorded a piece of Paradise City, which may be my all time favourite GnR song. I am not sure about the playing, but boy does #34 sound glorious. When the two guitars...
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