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  1. Techboy57

    Tom Scholz Tone

    Hello all, like some of you I've been hiding from the Coronavirus in my tone dungeon dialing in some new and old sound on my Axe FX II XL+. A friend asked me to find him a reasonable approximation of The Boston sound. I did some research, watched a few videos, and came up with this. Please...
  2. Burgs

    Boston Calling. Free D/L and vid demo

    I had hoped to spend some time Tonematching a fairly mint X100 I bought recently on the used market. But I loaded it up with fresh batteries today and it's silent. Ugh. So I decided to turn a negative into a positive and just go for it anyway. The results, accurate or otherwise, are here; video...
  3. spv

    Foreplay / Long Time -- Live Boston cover

    Here is my band doing Foreplay / Long Time (in Boston of all places!). Axe FX 2 XL+ run to FOH with Atomic CLR on stage to help with feedback. Presets based on Moke's Foreplay/Long Time preset. Thanks for watching!
  4. Moke

    More video clips from the 'House of Blues' from last weekend

    Some short cell phone video clips that I found online of my band 'Roughhouse' from our June 10th, 2017 show at the new 'House of Blues' in Anaheim, California. I'm using my Axe-Fx II and my custom presets direct. No back-line. Just using the house floor-wedges and side-fills. We are using our...
  5. Moke

    Boston's - Foreplay/Longtime live at the 'House of Blues'

    Warning....cellphone video from the front row...;) But I thought some of you might get a kick out of this. This is a fan video of my band 'Roughhouse', from our June 10th, 2017 show at the 'House of Blues' in Anaheim, California. I'm using my 'Foreplay-Longtime' preset direct. No back-line...
  6. M

    Need a recommendation for repair-person in Boston area

    Hi: just bought a used AXE FX II. Love it. Unfortunately the ethernet jack on the unit is broken (it won't lock in - works fine if you hold it in with one hand :)). I assume someone just yanked the cord out at one time and broke the toking mechanism and that this is a simple replacement of the...
  7. Jamie John

    Anyone create a ROCKMAN/BOSTON preset?

    I know the Fx8 can't amp model, but has anyone created a compressed Tom Scholz/Rockman type sound with a Mesa Mark V? The rockman was also used on Hysteria. Love the distortion setting with delay and stereo chorus.
  8. Moke

    Moke's Foreplay/Longtime Preset (Q2.04)

    Here is my preset/cab bundle for Boston's Foreplay/Longtime from this thread.... http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/bostons-foreplay-longtime-quantum-1-02-tone-test.106886/ After you import into your Axe FX, you will prompted to save the two IR's into your user cabs and pick a preset...
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