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  1. Andrea Maccianti

    Blackstar HT 100 METAL Patch (FW Q 9.03)

    Hey guys! This is my new video with the awesome Firmware Quantum 9.03 BLACKSTAR HT 100 METAL I take this opportunity to wish you a happy Christmas to all the friends present in this fantastic group, for all the support you gave me and to all the guys of the Fractal Audio and G66 Merry Christmas...
  2. plasmatic

    Backline/Backup Amp Katana, Mustang, Blackstar, or??

    I'd like a combo amp 1x12 or 2x12 (stereo preferred) and I've been considering the Katana 100, older Fender Mustang III/IV, or maybe even one of the Blackstar ID core 100/150 (since they have stereo effects loops) or the ID260TVP. I used to own a Mustang IV and it has a stereo effects loop and...
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