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  1. andrémusic

    New original collab track - Blitz II + Ambient Guitar + Sithu Bass patches

    I hope everyone is doing well. Sharing a new collaboration song friends and I released yesterday. Clean & Rhythm guitars and bass recorded with my Axe FX II XL+ Rhythm Guitars - Blitz II - Patch #340 Ambient Guitar - Patch #328 on the Unit Bass patch -"Sithu Bass"...
  2. Andrea Maccianti

    Sycamore Tree - Hall Of Mirrors

    Hall of Mirrors by Sycamore Tree. Sycamore Tree was my band born in the mid-90s. Unfortunately this song should have had the voice, it was composed to be sung... Maybe in the future who knows... I took an old recording of the era and reprogrammed, arranged and played all the instruments. All...

    Amp-Only live room suggestions

    I wanted to post this as a separate post- but I play out a lot in rooms that are amp-only sound (jams and small venues) gigs- where the PA is only used for vocals- no amp mic-ing (how in the world do you spell that?) just a live mix from the stage between musicians. Because of my terrible...

    "Fast Food on the Radio": The state of popular music...

    ... is the age old topic among musicians. I've found that with age (I'm still in my twenties though) I've found a way to enjoy the simple things in popular music and its capability to move so many people on this planet. There's no genre out there that someone doesn't hate and that's okay but...
  5. Guillaume Lortie

    live rehearsal with AX8 07-24-2016

    Hi fractal bros! i'll be live with my band tomorrow at 2PM East Time on youtube with my AX8. we're a over band ( for fun ) that do small bars and festivals. you are all welcome and feel free to comment on my tone as i always want to sound better.
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