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  1. Hyper Planet

    Hyper Planet - To Live With Wisdom [NEW SINGLE!!!] A PROG METAL BAND FROM TEHRAN-IRAN

    Hey guys check out our new single 'To Live With Wisdom' on our YT channel and let me to have your input about it! Guitars/Vocals: Amin Saffar Bass: Armin Saffar Santur/Qanun: Ali Saffar In this song I used my Axe-Fx II for all the guitar and bass tones also we used @mlsoundlab IR's in cabs block
  2. Hyper Planet

    DREAM THEATER - The Dance of Eternity Bass solo by Armin Saffar

    Hey folks here is DREAM THEATER - The Dance of Eternity Bass Solo by my talented brother Armin Saffar and led me know your input about it!
  3. F

    Preset problem

    HI every one I'm currently using FXII XL, and I'm thinking to buy FM3, May I know more about the preset transfer from FXII to FM3? Is it possible import FXII's .syx file to FM3? Thank you very much
  4. Hyper Planet

    Shredding with my Axe-Fx II on Instagram!

    Hi there!, here's some of my Instagram short videos which I uploaded on my Instagram profile and today just decided upload em on my YT channel as well... all the videos played with Axe-Fx II execpt one which I played with Joey Sturgis plugin ... let me know your opinion about this stuff :)
  5. Hyper Planet

    My guitar solo is among the FINALISTS in LICKWARS CONTEST! ... PLEASE VOTE ME!

    Hey guys I'm among the finalists in lickwars guitar solo contest in Instagram please vote me with commenting number 2 under the video on lick wars page THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALWAYS SUPPORT
  6. Hyper Planet

    My guitar solo for #kieselsolocotest2017

    Hey dudes, this my guitar solo for kiesel solo contest 2017, I'm using a factory preset on latest Quantum FW 8.02 and it's just sound awesome to my ears :) I'd be happy to have your input about the solo, tone ...etc,
  7. Hyper Planet

    Snippets of our new project ''Blasting The Wine'' - FAS & ML UPCOMING MESA CAB-PACK

    Hey folks we're starting to create a musical project which we called: ''Blasting The Wine'' with members : Ali Saffar (Our Father) - Dulcimer Armin Saffar - Bass Guitar Amin Saffar - Electric Guitar With new fresh and contemporary moments and musical ideas, we're really exited about this...
  8. Hyper Planet

    DREAM THEATER - A Better Life - Guitar Solo Section - F Preset [#82] Petrucci

    Hey folks today I just recorded this great solo from DREAM THEATER latest album ''The Astonishing'' as you can see there's just me, the guitar and metronome :), not to say I couldn't find a cover version of this guitar solo on YT with just guitar, guitar + Metronome or without having the...
  9. Hyper Planet

    The New Axe-Fx II Factory preset [#82 Petrucci] Another Day Guitar Solo Section

    Hey fellers today I've just tested the new Axe-Fx II factory presets and I have to say it's simply AWESOME !!, Actually it's beyond of my expectations, finally I've decided to record a guitar solo from my favorite band DREAM THEATER with the exact Petrucci preset in the Axe-Fx II, I didn't...
  10. Hyper Planet

    [VIDEO] - Testing the new Amp (HOOK) and upcoming IRs from MLSOUNDLAB

    Hi fellas, I just played a quick test on this amp and upcoming IRs from MLSOUNDLAB the combination of them is just sweet :), I recorded this video for Instagram and I have just one minute in order to demonstrating different reactions of the amp and IRs to different guitar techniques all over the...
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