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axefx iii


    Atmospheric Guitars #2 - Axe-Fx III

    Atmospheric Guitars - the 2nd video of this series with the stunning FX of the Axe-Fx III ! 👍😊

    One expression pedal can do it all ! ;-)

    With an EV-1 and an Axe-FX III, I have an expression pedal that can do it all! I switch from a clear arpeggio sound to a big lead disto sound just by moving the pedal ! 👌😉

    Atmospheric Guitars #1 - Axe-Fx III

    The effects of the Axe-FX III are just gorgeous ... with EMG pickups ... enjoy !👌🎸☺️

    EMG SLV vs SAV vs SA vs 89 (single) with the Axe-FX III of course ;-)

    A comparison of the EMG SLV / SAV / SA / 89 (single) single coil pickups with an Axe-Fx III for the sound ! ;)🎸

    "Monday Videos" Ep. 16 - So What ;-)

    As we are still Monday, a bit of jazz ... but not too much ! ;)

    "Lion King" strat went back to EMG's ;-)

    Switching pickups for the 1985 Fender Contemporary Japan strat "Lion King" and back to EMG with a SA/SA/81 kit from the 90s! The background music comes from one of my instrumental album (all guitars/bass sounds from an Axe-Fx II) and the final test is made with an Axe-Fx III ! :) Enjoy ! ;)

    "Monday Videos" Ep. 15 - Joyful ;-)

    A "Monday Video", it's been a long time ! ;) Just a little composition to make you feel energized ! :)

    Jamming with "Jamming" in the "Videos du Lundi !"

    Jamming with "Jamming" in the "Vidéos du Lundi !" ;)
  9. L

    Axe-Fx 3 Cleans much better than Axe-Fx 2? Comparison/opinion about.

    I'm an AxeFx2 owner and i just saw some videos on youtube demonstrating new AxeFx3 clean sounds (almost all fender amps). I felt impressed, they seems to sound really much better than those in AxeFx2. Is it only a sensation of mine or there has been that great improvement i felt about? I'm...

    Hendrix in the "Videos du Lundi" ! ;-)

    A great one from Hendrix in the "Vidéos du Lundi "! ;)
  11. Hoosierdaddy

    Is it possible to have 2 different Axe-Edits? 1 to Laptop, 1 to Mac

    Michael or ???? I am needing your advice on how to have a 2 nd ---AXE III Edit application that will not access or recognize the other one ?. The reason ,I have 2 separate AXE III `s and I run one from My Mac ,and the other one from my Laptop. 2 keep different settings and presets to each,, but...
  12. C

    SD PowerStage 700 advice?

    I recently purchased an AxeFX III and now I a have to make the tough decisions about how to power it for rehearsal with the band and backline for gigging (I will be running direct for FOH sound at gigs). I am torn at the moment between the highly recommended, Matrix GT1000FX and the Seymour...
  13. iohanr

    Axe-Fx III audio interface and Acoustica Mixcraft using ASIO

    Does anyone here use Acoustica Mixcraft and tried to use the AxeFx III as a USB interface with the ASIO drivers? I am not sure what I'm missing, but it doesn't seem to recognize the AxeFx III when using ASIO drivers. Here's what I did: 1. No other ASIO drivers on Windows 10 PC. The AxeFx III...
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