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axef fx 3

  1. Roby Rocks

    Vendor Roby Rocks - Presets and IRs for Axe-FX 3

    ROBY ROCKS AXE-FX3 PRESETS This is the master thread for all my presets for Axe-Fx III. One year ago I realized some presets for AX8 and in these last months I've re-make it also for Fractal Axe-Fx III. That's a really new version (named V3 version), not a FracTool conversion! ...and it sounds...
  2. Roby Rocks

    Rack mounting and ventilation

    Hi to everyone! I want tmount my axefx3 into a rack case 3U. This case fit perfectly with axe3 but AxeFx3 has lateral holes for ventilation. Mounting my axe3 in rack case there are problems if this holes will be closed? ..so, Can I close that holes? Thanks. (my rack case is very very perfectly...
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