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axe ii

  1. M

    Axe-Fx II Bypassed and silent when Logic Pro is open

    Hi all, new Axe-Fx user here. I'm having some issues with Logic Pro - whenever I open it with the Axe-Fx II running (USB connection to computer) the Axe-Fx flashes 'Bypassed' and no sound is produced. My setup is guitar to front Axe-Fx input, Axe-fx acting as interface with USB connection to...
  2. D

    Using Logic Pro X to change the preset and scene on the AxeFX II

    Pretty self explanatory in the title. I have followed various posts and videos step by step and i am still unable to change the patch i feel i am missing something. I am using the usb connection with the Axe FX II and Logic Pro X
  3. guitarfreak365

    Axe-Fx II to AX8 CPU question

    I have a axe II right now but I would really like to be able to switch to an Ax8 for portability reasons. I used the usage chart bellow and it says my preset would be at 87% but it seems like the axe8 wouldn't start at 0%. maybe like 10% like the axe II? I also saw that the FW version was 6.01...
  4. guitarfreak365

    Front vs. Rear input on the Axe III

    I remember this thread bellow which highlighted how plugging in a guitar into the front input vs. the rear input on the Axe II sounded different. Is this the same with the III or will they all sound the exact same? I'm mainly wondering because I was hoping to plug my wireless into the rear input...
  5. guitarfreak365

    Cab block Preamp defaults to none?

    Does this always default to none? How do you guys run yours? I'm not really finding much info on this. I'm using a Friedman Be VI with a 4x12 Fractal GB M160. Any advice on that one in particular?
  6. M

    Axe FX II Looper vs. Boss RC-30

    Quick questions guys!! I'm a new Axe FX II user (and I love it, and will never return, and etc. etc.) I don't have the MFC-101 yet, but it's my next big purchase. No new vinyl player, house stuff, etc. before the MFC 101 is a reality for me. So I have a question... Not long ago I bought the...
  7. J

    AXE II with ISP Stealth Power amp

    So, I got this ISP Stealth Power amp yesterday. I usually prefer to plug the Axe straightinto the table, but I got this for occasions when I can't (eh, that was the explanation to my gf, really I think I just had some gear cravings:rolleyes:). Anyway, I plugged them together and in to my Laney...
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