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axe-fx standard

  1. Dommak89

    Where to put a Looper in the effects chain?

    So I'm thinking about buying a Boss RC-3, a loop station (not a loop switch). Now I want to be able to play something for example distorted, record it with the looper, and play something clean along. My question is: How do I connect said pedal to my rig so that it does exactly that. My Axe Fx...
  2. David Howard

    I just want to use my AXE-FX standard as a Flanger pedal with my 5150

    Hello, This post is for me to see how much I have learned, if any, about using this AXE-FX standard. What I want to do is use the AXE-FX as a Flanger pedal, and nothing else. I want to use it with my Peavey 5150 2x12 combo. The PEAVEY has an FX-send and FX-return on the back. My thoughts on...
  3. David Howard

    Another NOOB in the DC area

    Hello I am David, owner of an AXE-FX Std as of 10-2016. Glad to be here and meet everyone. I figured I would share my story about how I acquired this unit and the uncommon things that happened. I would think most people place an order, wait a few days, and receive their system. Then they unbox...
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