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axe fx 2 xl

  1. X

    Axe Edit wont connect to axe fx II xl

    I've updated everything, drivers, the axe edit software itself, i even updated the firmware using fractal bot. I've tried 3 USB cords and every USB port on my computer. Every time, my computer shows that the axe fx is connected to the USB port. But axe edit STILL won't connect. What other...
  2. madselhoff

    Saturation switch .. just tried it!

    Holy smokes... I just realized the use of the saturation switch. Mod or not.. don't really care.. it makes the palm mutes really juicy. Now I just need to edit a little on the gain and pull it back a bit. Well... couldn't wait to throw this track I made yesterday up on soundcloud... I know...
  3. Georgy

    KSE - Holy Diver-type tone anyone? (or where to start)

    So, after taking a break from the 'Fractals' for roughly 2 years, I'm back!! Feels like I missed out a bit here and there; it was Quantum 6 or something when I last logged in... Now I have an Axe 2 XL, and I sure have missed it. Can anyone point me in the direction to find some presets or...
  4. Ravaya

    Testing my recording rhythm tone with the XL

    Hello everyone. Will start recording an album shortly so I decided to do a tune with my main rhythm metal tone Hope you guys enjoy and let me know what you think Cheers Rav
  5. C

    [Indie Rock] [Q10.01] "That's Not Love" / "Tiger Teeth" (cover)

    Hello! My band just released our new single "That's Not Love" with the b-side "Tiger Teeth" (Walk The Moon cover) All guitars / bass were tracked (except "Chances (Acoustic)") with the AxeFX II XL, firmware Q10.01. Some post processing done, particularly for the bass. Guitars are mostly the...
  6. Dynamic1022

    Joe Bonamassa “Drive” (Cover Guitar only)

    I hope you enjoy:). Just tried to record Joe Bonamassa's Drive from the album "Blues of desperation". ( I,m taken lessons for about one year now) The solo is at 2:28 min I hope soon to do a complete version of this song with vocals. The presets are created by myself The preset is based on...
  7. andrémusic

    Jade Telegraph - Half-Duplex EP

    Hey all! I released 2 new tracks today. Can you check them out. I would greatly appreciate the feedback. I used these patches on the axe fx 2 Guitar Leads - Sithu Lead Guitar Rhythm - Monuments Guitar Cleans - Sithu Clean Guitar layers - spaceverb & delay octoplex Bass - Bassguy Drums - EZ...
  8. C

    Original Indie Rock (similar to Arctic Monkeys) - AxeFX II and FAS reverb

    My indie band ROOM FOR ZERO just put out the single from our upcoming EP (due Sept. 1st) along with a b-side that's not on the EP. If you're in the Cincinnati area, I'd love to see you at the 20th Century Theater at 7pm on Sept. 1st for the release party. All the guitars and bass on this...
  9. J

    Axe Fx II XL & Digitech Drop Pedal

    I'm switching out and in some external pedals in my rig... I'm wanting to use my Drop Tune pedal in the axe fx's effects loop, so I can turn it on and off via my GCP, instead of walking back to my rig and switching it on.. I'm not sure why, but it sounds absolutely terrible through the fx loop...
  10. Steve Lockridge

    Setting Initial Volume to Zero

    I have an Axe FX II XL+ and an MFC 101 with two external controller pedals. When I turn on my Axe the initial volume is loud enough to cause feedback. To gain control of the volume I must rock the volume pedal forward, then backward. Is there a way to set the initial volume either to zero or...
  11. Martyz

    Some Post rock ideas for an EP that I'm working on

    All of this is the Axe Fx 2 XL, sometimes with the Valhalla shimmer, except for "phaneron" which is line 6 pod hd pro. I know that I'm horrible at mixing, but I'm working on it.
  12. A

    [Noob] Filter Real Time movement

    I have a noob question. I have seen videos where people connect their filters to envelopes and the filter lines on the Axe FX will move as the guitar is played. When I attach and envelope, I get the swoosh sound but no movement on the screen. Am I doing something wrong?
  13. X_fAcToR

    Axe FX 2 XL+ getting muted with GT 100

    Hi all, when using Boss GT 100 as an external midi foot controller, My Axe FX 2 XL+ Amp block getting turned off and my sound getting muted after a few minutes. :( :( When I'm using it with my Behringer FC1010, everything is fine... Has anyone figured this out yet? I know the problem is at...
  14. Uluevli

    Axe fx 2 makes noise when plugged into ehx magnum 44

    Hey guys.. I have too much noise when i plugged axe fx 2 xl output to ehx magnum 44 then to marshall 1936 lead cabinet. There is so loudy noise. Beside when i powered my analog pedalboard with exh magnum 44 everything is superfine no ground noise.. does anyone guess why it happens ?
  15. shreddykreuger1975

    Adding a GCPro along side MFC-101

    I dug out my old Ground Control Pro and hoping to use it right along side my MFC-101 (MK3) either to be a dedicated looper control or to change scenes. Has anybody done this??? I went midi outto the AXE FX II XL and could send some messages to the Axe but... can I go midi out from the GCP into...
  16. Ravaya

    Loong prog Soong (live)

    Hello all, this song is called Orvam from my band Need, Hope you all enjoy Cheers Ravaya
  17. Volvagia

    Is Axe Fx Viable?

    I have heard from people like Ola Englund that the Axe Fx isn't as good as real amps. But isn't tone really subjective? Personally I think that Periphery has some of the best sounding guitar tones that I've heard on an album. I haven't bad much experience with real tube amps but I really do like...
  18. Ravaya

    Need- Symmetrape (live)

    Hello this is symmetrape, a track from my band need Hope you all enjoy Cheers Ravaya
  19. N

    Audio Device Removed

    Hello, I'm using an Axe FX II XL with usb to my Mac. I am running El Capitan with Logic X and up until tonight everything was working smoothly. Very smoothly in fact. Then I updated my firmware to the latest version released on December 15th I believe it was. After that Logic X continues to bug...
  20. Ravaya

    Live Axe 2 track- Progmetal

    This is one is called Siamese God from my band Need Hope you guys enjoy Happy New Year to all Ravaya
  21. Ravaya

    Live track with axe 2- (Proggy) metal

    Here's another live track. This one is called Stroll of Choice Hope you guys enjoy! Rock on Ravaya
  22. N

    Axe FX -> Scarlett 2i2 -> KRK Not Hearing Stereo

    Does anyone know why I'm not hearing my Axe FX 2 XL in stereo through my audio interface (Scarlett 2i2 and active speaker (KRK RP4) rig? My setup is as follows: Guitar -> axe front input (using regular mono guitar cable) Axe Out 1 Left ----> Scarlett 2i2 input 1 (set to line level using...
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