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axe fx 2

  1. Fabrilax

    Should I get an Axe FX 2?

    Hey, ever since I started out playing guitar I wasn't satisfied with my tone (or any tone I came up with). My first amp was a cheap modeling amp and then I moved on to tube (Peavey 6505) and now I'm playing via Reaper and some free VSTs. But none of these could give me that sort of satisfaction...
  2. M

    Axe Fx II - Output 1 always clipping - HELP!

    Hi all, I have a second hand Axe-Fx II unit that I've had for a while. I only use it for recording at home but I've been having issues that I've been putting up with until now. There are many patches that I download from Axechange or that came pre-loaded on the unit where there is an insane...
  3. M

    Insanely loud reverb and delay on EVERY setting!

    Hi, I've had my Axe-Fx II that I purchased second hand for a while now. I've been using it for recordings at home and have always kind've just made do, but I have always noticed that whenever I download a preset from Axechange or look at the presets that came pre-loaded from the old user, the...
  4. A

    Something loose inside my Axe Fx XL+?

    Hi guys. I bought a used Axe Fx II XL+ and it works just fine. However after inspecting it for any potential damage I noticed something moving inside the unit. More precisely, it seems like there's something moving inside the flyback converter. I discovered it while shaking the unit, which of...
  5. J

    All my sounds got muddy

    Hello everyone, I've bought an axe fx 2 XL+ few months ago and made the lastest update. All my presets sounded just fine (the stocks and the ones i downloaded) until something strange happened. For basically no reason (as far as I know), all my presets started to sound muddy. They now clearly...
  6. J

    Low signal input usb axe fx II

    Hello everyone, I recently bought an axe fx II XL+ and really enjoying it so far. The problem is that when I try to record on logic pro x, I get very low (almost none) guitar signal. My input I'm of course using input 1+2 and output 1+2 on my audio tracks. I can hear the sound of the guitar...
  7. D

    Digitech Whammy DT midi problem when using Axe Fx 2 Thru

    I'm controlling my axe fx 2 with midi via logic pro. Which works perfect. Now i'm trying to connect my Digitech whammy DT pedal with midi to the Thru port of the axe fx. My axe fx has the channel 1 and the whammy channel 3. In logic is both midi tracks connected to channel 1 and 3. But somehow...
  8. J

    Patch change in midi change the sound of my patches too

    Hey everyone! I recently bought an axe fx 2 xl + used, and im new to all of it so maybe this is going to be easy to solve. I midi automated the patchs changes in fl stufio, and its working well but it seems like when the patch is being changed, my gain is reduced to like nothing, my rythm patch...
  9. E

    FS Axe-Fx II + Samson PB10 +4U Flight Case (UK)

    Selling my Axe FX II that also comes with a Samson PB10 + 4U Flight Case PM me for details, I have the unit listed on various websites and can send you the sales links.
  10. alcyppa


    Sadly I'm selling my Axe FX II MKI due to needing money. I'm Italy based but if needed I'll ship anywhere in the UE (at buyer expense). Asking 950€ + shipping (the price includes the Proel 2U rack case).
  11. pepsodent

    Sonarworks with Axe-Fx output?

    Has anyone around here tried Sonarworks Reference 4? It works well with my speakers and my headphones but while using my AXE II as a sound card I can only get it to work when I play back recorded audio in my DAW. Seems logical enough, I suppose. I'm just wondering if there's any way at all I...
  12. K

    Axe-Fx II Tuner problem

    Hey guys, something is wrong with the tuner of my axe fx II. When i play the E string it shows me that it's a bit more than an F. I checked with another tuner and my guitar is in tune (standard tuning). I checked the configuration page it's in 440.0 Hz and there is no offset. I don't know...
  13. Max_H

    SOLD FS Axe FX Mk I and MFC-101 Mk I with Magnetic Labels $1300

    Selling a Fractal Audio Axe FX II Mk 1 with the MFC-101 Mk 1 Foot Controller. Getting rid of this one as I just purchased an Axe FX III Mk I from a forum member and so I wont be needing this one anymore. Purchased from a guy who kept it in a smoke free studio, the smallest of scuffs on the...
  14. mcl

    Slipknot guitar cover - The Devil in I - axe FX2 + ownhammer IR

    Hello everyone, This morning i woke up and decided to try recording a cover of "The devil in I" by slipknot using my old yamaha rgx 721 (H-S-H guitar, kinda superstrat from the nineties) and my axe fx 2 XL+ No bass here, and i played the song in DROP D tuning, while slipknot play this in DROP...
  15. Jack_Zan

    MUSE - "Supermassive Black Hole" Cover

    My personal reinterpretation of the song "Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse, Inspired by the cover version of Threshold. Track coming from the album "Black Holes and Revelations" Gear used: Axe fx2 Ibanez rgd Patch: Pvh 6160 amp Free Ir found in the web
  16. Stel Andre

    Ambient Jam - Stel Andre

    Hello everybody! Hope you guys are doing great. I was experimenting with some cool Ambient Axe Fx 2 tones yesterday and i recorded a quick ambient jam. Hope you will enjoy it as i did!
  17. camilovelandiamusic

    AX8 vs AxeFX2 vs FM3 vs AxeFX3 | Amp Block

    Hey guys! Wanted to do an honest comparison of the amp block across all fractal units! Curious to hear what you guys think!
  18. M

    Axe-Fx II Bypassed and silent when Logic Pro is open

    Hi all, new Axe-Fx user here. I'm having some issues with Logic Pro - whenever I open it with the Axe-Fx II running (USB connection to computer) the Axe-Fx flashes 'Bypassed' and no sound is produced. My setup is guitar to front Axe-Fx input, Axe-fx acting as interface with USB connection to...
  19. Stel Andre

    Melodic Soloing over "Crying in a Loop" by Mateus Asato

    Hey everybody! I got inspired earlied today by watching some Mateus Asato videos.. so i picked up my guitar and recorded this over one of his Youtube tracks. Hope you guys like it! Tone is all from my Axe Fx 2 and my Kiesel Delos stratocaster. Cheers!
  20. I

    Axe fx 2 mk1 digital clipping, low recording volume, will not factory reset. Fixable or broken?

    Hi there hope everyones staying safe out there! I'm having a few issues with my Axe fx 2 mk1 ares 2.0. Going direct via USB (with thunderbolt 3 hub) into MacBook Pro 2018 2.2g 6core i716gb ram Logic pro x monitoring through the headphone output on the axe fx I just bought this unit off ebay...
  21. M

    Tutorial: How to make a footswitch with led for Axe fx 2 for soloing boosting without batteries. Photos inside.

    Hi there! First, sorry for my english :sweatsmile: . Usually I'm using a FCB1010 midi controller, but recently I've joined a metal band where I only need a main sound, and a booster for soloing. First, about axe set up: I can activate/deactivate several blocks with just one press. In I/O->ctrl...
  22. Igor Paspalj

    JTC - Jam Of The Month - January 2020

    Hi everybody, Here's my take on JTC - Jam of The Month - January 2020. YJM Fender Stratocaster and Axe Fx 2 straight into Logic X Pro. Hope you gonna like it. Cheers!
  23. Stel Andre

    Emotional Cinematic Guitar Solo

    Merry Christmas everybody! Did a cool cinematic improvisation earlier using my Kiesel Vader and my Axe Fx 2. Hope you guys like it!
  24. Igor Paspalj


    Hi everybody, I came up with this little theme while jamming over some Elevated Jam BT's. I really tried to keep this one "civilized", and not to overplay it...kind of :) Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 and YJM Stratocaster into Logic X Pro. Hope You gonna like it, Cheers!
  25. Igor Paspalj

    JTC - Jam of the Month Dec 2019

    Hi everybody, Here's my take on "JTC Guitar - Jam of the Month" for December. Axe Fx 2 and Digitech Drop here and there. Hope You gonna like it, Cheers!
  26. Igor Paspalj

    Full Throttle :)

    Hi Everybody, Is there a better way to spend my only day off from playing guitar every night on stage? Yes, there is - playing guitars at home!😂 Here's a few "subtle" notes on a beautiful Sunday morning!😎😅 GG Charvel and Axe Fx 2 into Logic X Pro. Backing track is from N&M creation. Hope...
  27. Ahmad Morsi Abu Maizar

    Ghost Is still using Axe-Fx

    This link here shows that ghost is still using AXE FX, I believe that I saw II and III. I am posting just because I saw a post somewhere saying that they switched to kemper, only elites use AXE FX lol
  28. vigorianer

    Lovepedal HSR-3 Multi Reverb

    looking for a Axe fx II preset or idea to make a Multi Reverb, like the Lovepedal HSR-3 Multi Reverb . Have any one there? Vigorianer
  29. Stel Andre

    Rock Blues Jam - Stel Andre

    Hey all, here's a cool rock blues jam I did few minutes ago, using my new Kiesel Delos strat, plugged straight into my Axe-Fx 2. I am using one of my custom made patches for this one. I hope you guys like it!
  30. Igor Paspalj

    Kiesel Solo Contest 2019

    Hi Everybody, Here's a Sunday Quickie :) Guthrie Govan Charvel and Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 into Logic X Pro. Btw, this is my entry to Kiesel Solo Contest 2019, Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  31. Igor Paspalj

    "Uncle Satch"

    Hi Everybody, I've came up with this little theme today while jamming, and it reminded me on some early Satriani stuff, therefore, I am gonna call it "Uncle Satch" :) Ibanez Premium "Custom" and Axe Fx 2 into Logic X Pro, Hope You gonna like it, Cheers!
  32. Igor Paspalj

    Full Metal "JackAss"

    Hi everyone! Here's a little tune I came up with today while watching "Full Metal Jacket" for the xxx time :) My Ibanez Premium "Custom" and Axe Fx 2 straight into Logic X pro. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  33. Igor Paspalj

    Yngwie Malmsteen - Monster Medley

    Hi everybody, Shreddelicious Sunday it is! :) I've made this little medley from some of my favourites Yngwie's tunes and excerpts, and to make things more challenging, I've bumped up certain parts bpm sky high :) P. S. - EXTREME Shred content! :) YJM Fender Stratocaster mark I and Axe Fx 2...
  34. B

    FSOT Mesa Mark IV head w/ custom headshell

    The amp itself looks brand new. Back in January, I had a custom head shell made for the amp, with black tolex and a red and black grill cloth. So visually, it looks almost brand new. The footswitch is included as well. I am willing to sell the amp for $1150 + shipping, or I am willing to trade...
  35. gurtejsingh

    ToneQuest Series + Free Presets

    Hey Guys, just starting out on the forum here and have had the Axe FX II for a while! I've started a series on my YouTube channel, called 'ToneQuest', where I am creating presets (using stock amps and cabs) for popular tracks and well chased guitar tones and sharing it with you all on the Axe...
  36. C

    FS Axe FX II XL+ (MINTY)

    Selling off my XL+ to make some room in my studio for less guitar/bass oriented gear. LOOKING FOR $1500 plus shipping This will include the awesome David Bendeth and Kris Crummett STL preset packs. It’s been updated to the most recent beta firmware (haven't experienced any bugs when using on a...
  37. LucasLeCompte

    Differences Between All the Fractal Audio Axe Fx Units

    I saw a post by someone in one of the fractal facebook groups saying that they had a hard time finding the differences between all the different axe fx units, so I decided to make a video running down the differences and going over what makes each unit unique ( I know all this info is in the...
  38. Stel Andre

    Soulful Guitar Solo | Stel Andre

    Hey all! Here's a great tone that I am using whenever I wanna play something very melodic and smooth. Andy Timmons like! So I am using my Kiesel 6 string, into my Axe-Fx 2 and I am using one of my signature Axe-Fx 2 patches based on a VoxAC amp. Lovely tone, very dynamic and responsive under the...
  39. J

    Need Help. Presets Reset

    Hello. I am a first time axe fx user so I am brand new to this. I just purchased a used axe fx 2 from someone on eBay. I received the unit with none of the factory presets (which is fine but may have something to do with the problem??) Every time I turn the power off to the unit all of the...
  40. Selltowitz

    Transfer Axe-Fx Ultra presets to Axe-Fx II

    Hey guys, dont know whether I'm right here or not. I couldn't find anything about this by using google or youtube: I recently got an Axe FX II and have been using the Ultra for about 6 years now. My question now is: Is there a way to transfer my Ultra presets to the II? I tried exporting .syx...
  41. mcl

    Noise level in Axe-Fx II XL+ : standard or my own problem?

    Hi everyone, I write to you from Italy as the owner of a fractal axe fx XL II + since one week , and i am here to ask for your help. The first thing i want to say is that the effects and amp emulation on this machine is stunning: i tried several emulators before coming to fractal and none of...
  42. Matoshi

    Super Smash Bros. Main Theme "Lifelight" Cover

    Hi everyone! "Lifelight" is the extremely catchy main theme from the recently released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate video game. I couldn't get the melody out of my head for days and decided to record a cover version. :D Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Lifelight Cover Recorded with my Schecter Jeff...
  43. Igor Paspalj

    Alla Turca - W. A. Mozart

    Hi Everybody, Here's the "cheesy" one :) Stumbled on this backing track from my friend this morning, so decided to give it a run. As usual, Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2, Charvel Guthrie Govan signature guitar straight into Logic X Pro. Hope You gonna enjoy it! Cheers!
  44. Igor Paspalj

    ‘Halleluja’ - Jeff Buckley guitar and vocal cover

    Hi everybody! In Christmas spirit, my singer and me decided to make cover of this beautiful song :) All recorded trough Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 straight to Logic X Pro. Guitar is going trough Axe FX 2. I Hope You gonna like it, and Merry Christmas everybody :)
  45. D

    Using Logic Pro X to change the preset and scene on the AxeFX II

    Pretty self explanatory in the title. I have followed various posts and videos step by step and i am still unable to change the patch i feel i am missing something. I am using the usb connection with the Axe FX II and Logic Pro X
  46. Igor Paspalj

    Hendrix/Vaughan style Jam

    Hi everybody! Here's one little tune I came up with today, inspired by some Hendrix/Vaughan moves, and some of my own stuff as well. Axe Fx 2, real Cry Baby wah, and YJM signature Fender Stratocaster straight into Logic X pro. Amp model is Super Verb via with slight Ruckus drive boost in...
  47. Mats Lexell

    Shredding to some sweet pop music

    Hi! Got a new video up on the tubes, check it out!
  48. Igor Paspalj

    'Cause We've Ended as lovers' - Jeff Beck cover

    Hi everybody! Here's my take on this masterpiece. I also improvised middle part that's usually improvised on bass by amazing Tal Winkelfeld on Jeff's live performances. YJM Fender Stratocaster, Axe Fx 2 into Logic X Pro. P.S. - Had to slow myself down with a few beers so I don't get tempted...
  49. Igor Paspalj

    Guthrie Govan "Sevens" cover

    Hi everybody! I've been working on this one for past few days, and had to record it now, before weekend kicks in, and I dive into some adult beverages! :) Very tough one, but hey - it's Guthrie Govan! Axe FX 2 and Guthrie's signature Charvel into Logic. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  50. Volvagia

    Need help getting a good bass tone

    I need help getting a good bass tone for modern metal like periphery. Can anyone suggest some good presets, IRs, settings to help me out? Much appreciated :)
  51. Kyle Poniatowski

    Power cable hum

    Ok so i did a lot of tests to come to this conclusion, ran single and multiple pedals of various brands through the fx loop on my PRS MT15. not one single hum sound. Quiet as a winter night. Played with cables and blah blah with the 4CM. Then as i was switching settings under the i/o menu...
  52. Igor Paspalj

    Blitzkrieg - original tune

    Here's some "progressive"-ish stuff of mine. Blend of a Dream Theater/Paul Gilbert/Yngwie Malmsteen styles, kind of...TOO MANY NOTES, anyway! Axe Fx 2 and Guthrie Govan Charvel into Logic X Pro. Hope You gonna like it :)
  53. Igor Paspalj

    Original Tune - "Stuck in a Loop"

    Hi everybody! Here's one original little tune I came up with last night during my Insomnia episodes. No distortion this time! And hopefully, it's gonna turn in proper full length instrumental one day :) Axe Fx 2 and Guthrie Govan Charvel straight into Logic.
  54. Igor Paspalj

    Guthrie Govan - "Waves"

    Hi all, Here's my take on Guthrie Govan's Waves. Middle parts are improvised at the spot, so few f**k-ups here and there, I guess :) Axe fx 2 and GG Charvel signature straight into Logic.
  55. Igor Paspalj

    DT - “Erotomania” solo cover - ML cab pack

    Hi all, Here's my take on one of the coolest John Petrucci solo's imho :) Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 as usual, this time with my custom scalloped Ibanez premium and very cool ML sound lab USA traditional 4x12 ir. Hope you gonna like it, Cheers!
  56. Igor Paspalj

    Country Style Chicken Picking

    Hi guys, Here's something completely different. Came up with this silly little tune while working on some Greg Koch style chicken picking stuff. And just like that - The Chicken is Born! Just to be clear, this doesn't even comes close to Greg's monstrous playing, but it's a start, I guess :)...
  57. Igor Paspalj

    240bpm Flight of The Bumble Bee

    Hi guys, Here's one challenge I took, trying to execute Flight of The Bumble Bee on 240bpm :) It's not 100% perfect, and my right hand is gone, but it's a lot of fun, lol Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 and my YJM Fender Stratocaster straight into Logic X Pro. Awesome backing track is from Luis...
  58. Igor Paspalj

    Late Night Jam

    Hi guys, Here's one late late night fusion-is improvisation over one cool ''elevated'' backing track i run into. It's 100% improvisation, so few hiccups here and there, but came up with some interesting Themes I think. Anyway, Axe Fx2 and Charvel Guthrie Govan signature straight into Logic X...
  59. Igor Paspalj

    Steve Vai - Eugene's Trick Bag

    Hi guys, Here's a morning quickie warm up after watching "Crossroad" with Steve Vai for like xxxx times :) I messed up few notes, but not too bad, hopefully. Axe Fx 2 and Charvel GG signature straight into Logic X Pro. Hope You gonna like it. Cheers!
  60. Brian Greco

    Need Help: A Consideration For The Axe Preset Exchange

    Helloooooo everyone, I have been very busy making heavy metal presets lately. I would like to upload them to Axe Exchange when I'm finished, but I noticed that one of the presets has a cabinet that comes from Redwirez, and is not included in the Axe FX library as a stock cabinet. My concern is...
  61. jdiz86

    MFC 101: will it be discontinued AND buying used vs new/direct?

    I plan to get the MFC-101 mkIII in 2-6 months... Should I be concerned about the MFC getting discontinued within this time frame? Also, I'm located in Canada, and when searching for the MFC used, it is listed higher than direct from FAS. What is up with that? Reverb and Ebay. Not much...
  62. Santiago Dieguez


    Hi Guys how are you? I am new to the forum. I need your help I am having latency issues with my Axe Fx 2 tracking guitar midi. I use my axe as an interface, I set it up on my daw to 128 buffer size and usb lower latency but jam origin receives the information as 512 so I am having lots of...
  63. Igor Paspalj

    "Eruption" - EVH - beta testing new 4x12 EVH cab from CabIr.eu

    Hi all, Few days ago I got a great opportunity to beta test new 4x12 EVH cab pack from CabIr.eu which is gonna be released soon - Thanks Markus! :) Now, I am perfectly aware that Eruption is not recorded on this new signature EVH amp and cab, but still, it was perfect excuse to record the...
  64. Igor Paspalj

    Chick Corea - Spain

    Hi all, Here's something a bit different from my usual stuff. Beautiful latino jazz - fusion tune by amazing Chick Corea. As always, I am using Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 and Charvel Custom USA Guthrie Govan model. My takes on improvisation parts. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  65. camilovelandiamusic

    Axe FX III The Pitch Block demo

    hey guys! Hope you dig! A few new things here!!
  66. camilovelandiamusic

    AX8 vs Axe-Fx 2 vs Axe-Fx 3

    Here we go guys! Same four presets with same parameters (as much as possible) through all three units. Enjoy!
  67. Armando

    Axe FX II to Digital Optical In of Audio Interface

    Hello, I have an Axe FX II (Mark II) and an Audient ID14 (https://audient.com/products/audio-interfaces/id14/overview/) interface. I want to use the digital output of the Axe Fx into the optical input of the interface, what are my options for doing this? And is it better to use the SPDIF or the...
  68. Igor Paspalj

    Racer X - Scarified cover

    Hi all, Here's my performance of one of my favorite "more is more" instrumentals :) As always, using my Axe Fx 2 and Guthrie Govan signature Charvel into Logic X pro. Hope You gonna like it! Cheers!
  69. L

    Just got axe fx 2 and...

    I'm new at using axe fx. I am trying to get my logic pro x to recognize it with the USB but it wont. I was told to download the drivers off of the fractal site first but there are many different things and I dont know which ones to download. Also after I download them, then what? I'm pretty...
  70. camilovelandiamusic

    Axe-Fx III Factory Presets 1-10

    Hey guys! I hope you enjoy! Here are the first 10 presets! I tried to keep it short so the video wouldn't be 10 minutes long! Hopefully you guys dig it! :)
  71. Hamer90

    Periphery - 22 Faces (FW Q9.04) PATCH INSIDE!

    PERIPHERY - 22 FACES (GUITAR COVER). STUDENT ARSENIY TRIFONOV Training period: 2.5 years from scratch I always said that the main goal of my teaching activity is to supply the student with such knowledge, skills and abilities that will provide them with full independence in the performance of...
  72. Igor Paspalj

    John Petrucci - "Glasgow Kiss" Cover

    Hi everybody, Here's my take on this great tune by amazing John Petrucci. Using my Axe Fx 2 and Guthrie Govan Charvel into Logic X Pro. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  73. Igor Paspalj

    Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover cover

    Hi Guys, Here's my attempt to recreate essence of EJ sound in this cover. It's not perfect, but to my ears sounds pretty close. I covered only the main themes, couldn't bother to learn whole song at this point, since later when performing live, I would improvise anyway :) Using Axe Fx 2 with...
  74. Igor Paspalj

    Get The Funk Out Solo Cover

    Hi Guys, Here's my take on one of the best guitar solos ever written, imho. Axe Fx 2 and Guthrie Govan Charvel signature guitar. Amp model is Spawn Nitro. Such a fun solo to play! :) Cheers!
  75. Dynamic1022

    Hank Marvin Alfie

    If Had several request if i would like to exchange the preset. Here it is. Enjoy the playing. Feel welcome to leave a message or suggestion, or like it. I am using Axe fx2 xl+ Firmware 9.04 The preset can also be found below and on Axe exchange. Greetings, David Netherlands
  76. Dynamic1022

    The Shadows- Don't cry for me Argentina

    My Hank Marvin Preset. This preset was a lot of work. I hope you enjoy this. This preset is suitable for different Hank Marvin/Shadows songs Like: Midnight, Theme from young lovers Etc. The firmware is 9.04 on a AXE FX2 XL+ The amps i used for this presets are: 6g12concert and a class A 30 w...
  77. W

    How to set up Looper without MFC-101

    I have the Axe FX ii mark ii and I'm stumped on how to set up the looper. I have a midi foot controller and I see that the midi numbers for the looper record/play functions are #28,29. But when I hit those numbers on my foot switch, the looper doesn't activate, the patch just changes. I know I'm...
  78. Igor Paspalj

    Jason Becker - Serrana Arpeggios

    Hi guys, Here's arpeggios section of Serrana tune from Jason Becker. Using my Axe Fx 2 and Charvel Guthrie Govan signature guitar direct to Logic X Pro. Hope you gonna like it :) Cheers!
  79. Chris S.

    XL+ and DI box Question

    Im wanting to recording both wet and dry tracks so I can reamp later if I need to. I just picked up a Countryman Type 85, assuming that I could split the signal from my guitar and record both tracks this way.. but I don’t think I did my homework, and I need help. My signal chain, without the...
  80. N

    How to record on IPad

    can anyone give me some tips on connectivity in terms of Axe FX II into IPad using GarageBand? Midi,AI, etc anything is appreciated :)
  81. M

    Axe8 or Axe Fx 2???

    Hey guys I have been playing guitar for a few years now and am keen to start playing gigs in the near future. I am tossing up between buying the axe8 or the Axe Fx 2. I have about $1300 saved up, should I spend it on the Axe8 now or keep saving for an axe fx 2 or xl+? I currently just play...
  82. M

    Comfortably Numb Solo

    I did this one using the Fender Princeton amp as usual, I love that amp! I hope they do not block this one as well! Thanks for listening.
  83. Igor Paspalj

    Rakya Groove :)

    Hi Guys, Here's short one I came up with today. Using Axe Fx2 and GG Charvel direct to Logic X Pro. Amp is Fox ODS Deep. Btw, Rakya (Rakija) is my national drink from Balkan for those who are not familiar with it :) Hope You gonna like it, Cheers!
  84. Georgy

    Went to a Fractal Clinic here in Melbourne the other night..

    It’s always a great opportunity to go to a Fractal clinic, especially when there are two pro-players, pro-Fractal users who were kind enough to share their hints and tricks with us. Mind you here in Australia, this was probably the first Fractal clinic that was held, probably due to the fact...
  85. Dorian

    Axe fx 2 / Internal microphone / Scarlett focusrite 2i4 / Skype

    Hi ! I take guitar lesson on skype (I play with headphones), my problem is that my teacher can either hear me talk or only hear me playing guitar because my computer only let me use the internal microphone or the Axe Fx as a microphone. I just bought a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 and still have the...
  86. D

    Help please Axe Fx II/ MPK mini

    Hello all this is my first time posting on this forum and am not sure if this is even the right place to ask this question so here it goes I upgraded from a POD HD500X to Axe Fx 2 MK II, ever since plugging in my AxeFX via USB my MPK mini wont connect or read midi commands. I was using Xpandi 2...
  87. theflinch

    Video - Where's The Keys

    Hi Guys, Not much of a poster on here as you can see lol. Had my Axe FX 2 for about 4 years I suspect though. Anyway here is a little composition featuring the Fractal, a Tom Anderson & Suhr. Think it was Quantum 8ish. Thanks, Mike
  88. Dorian

    Axe fx 2 / internal microphone

    Hi ! I take guitar lesson on skype (I play with headphones), my problem is that my teacher can either hear me talk or only hear me playing guitar because my computer only let me use the internal microphone or the Axe Fx as a microphone. Do you guys know any devices I could use so I could do...
  89. Milco

    Milco - Spanky Distortion Tone!

    Really spent some time dialing in this spanky distortion tone! All Axe FX 2 in this one. Let me know what you think!
  90. Andy Gillion

    D.I-ing Guitars with FX Loop

    Hey guys, I'm tearing my hair out here. I moved my entire set up to work on something in another place. I've come back and set everything back up (in my eyes exactly the way it was set up before). But now when I try to record D.I guitars I'm getting no signal from the Axe FX FX Loop? (Using an...
  91. Volvagia

    Need help installing Axe FX drivers...

    Having some trouble installing the AXE drivers. I keep getting these errors. Can anyone help? I never had this issue installing the drivers before. Also what is XMOS and how is it related to Fractal?
  92. Milco

    Coil Split Distortion

    Really wanted a spanky tone for this intro. Split my Dimarzio Ionizer pickup and put it through the friedman amp and blam! I'm pretty happy with how this tone turned out. Let me know what you think!
  93. Moke

    Moke's 'Clean to Mean' Pack 1 - Demo Video Added!

    New product in the store..... Mokes' 'Clean to Mean' Pack #1 For firmware 8.02. 128 presets $19.99 (introductory sale price) http://www.custompresets.com/store/p129/'Clean_To_Mean'_Pack_#1_-_'Axe-Fx_II'.html I have started on this pack several times (after getting the okay from Matt), but a new...
  94. F

    Getting the best of both worlds (Axe FxII and Analog Amp)

    Hi there, Just a quick question and maybe someone can let me know how they go about this setup that I have in mind for my Axe Fx II and other gear. Currently I use my Axe FX II into a Carvin TS100 poweramp. I am considering purchasing a Victory Amplifier and cabinet and run in stereo with this...
  95. S

    Power conditioner cables?

    Hey.. I was wondering what kind of power cables do I need to use in order to use a Furman M-10x E power conditioner.. Can't really seem to find out. Thankyou
  96. lotharion

    Boomy rig

    Just got my Axe Fx2. Sounds promising, but I got a really big problem with too much low end. If I turn off cab moddeling, all distrotion sound thin and fizzy. (Had same problem with the Ultra). If I leave it on, the Axe Fx sounds better, but very boomy (lack of better word). Power amp simp on or...
  97. silencereleven

    New Dreampop Song

    Hey guys, This is my band's new single that came out a few days ago. It is very different from what is usually posted around here. Check it out. Comments are welcome. All guitars are recorded with the Axe Fx II.
  98. Solitudezoso

    Calibrating EXP Pedal with AXE FX II

    I recently bought a dunlop volume x pedal for a different pedal board but I would like to use this pedal as another expression pedal in addition to my FCB midi foot controller. I hooked up the dunlop via quarter inch cable to the back of the axe fx where it says pedal 1. I know I go to I/O and...
  99. Milco

    Taylor Acoustic Tone Match

    Hey guys, made this tone after messing around with some Taylor guitar recordings I did at Guitar Center. I blended it with the USA Clean Amp and some parallel reverb and delay. Let me know what you think!
  100. Rylan Woodall

    I just have to say...

    Holy crap! This thing is nothing short of amazing. I have been playing guitar for something like 13 years and I have played everything from a Line 6 POD XT, to boutique Fuchs amps and this thing just does it for me! I bought an Axe FX II (MK I), Matrix GT1000FX, MFC-101 and I play through a...
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