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axe edit connectivity

  1. X

    Axe Edit wont connect to axe fx II xl

    I've updated everything, drivers, the axe edit software itself, i even updated the firmware using fractal bot. I've tried 3 USB cords and every USB port on my computer. Every time, my computer shows that the axe fx is connected to the USB port. But axe edit STILL won't connect. What other...
  2. buro

    Axe-Edit problem - all advices tried, MIDI still doesn´t communicate

    HI folks ! I bought a older Axe Standard which was never updated - current FW version is 5.24. I tried to update a FW but I still have a problem with Axe edit - It doesn´t recognize the Axe device. I´m using a TIE 1i1o Midi interface (I tryied also a few different types... buit there was the...
  3. derekbeaner

    Mac Mojave, Ultra, Axe Edit won't connect

    I know this has been addressed many times before, but none of the threads I could find solved my problem for me. I just got a used Ultra and am I trying to get it working on my mac. Sadness. I'm looking to see if anyone has any advice on getting Axe Edit 1.0.191 for the Mac to recognize the...
  4. H

    FC USB Port for Axe Edit (Wish)

    I wonder if it will be possible to access Axe Edit or FracPad by plugging a PC or tablet into the FC 6/12 USB port. Since FasLink II supports bi-directional communication, this seems to be quite a feasible possibility. I’m aware that the USB port is listed as “reserved for future use,” and...
  5. Wigam2

    Got the AX8 today, but can't connect to Axe-Edit

    Newby user here. . . psyched to get into this unit, but already stuck! "The connected device is not compatible with Axe Edit version 3.14.03" I've updated the firmware with Fractal Bot, so I know the USB cable is actually connecting. Downloaded Axe Edit, have reinstalled, rebooted, re-started...
  6. A

    Axe-Edit not talking to XL+

    Hello! Axe Edit and Axe Fx 2 xl+ aren't talking to each other. The XL+ is about a week old. I have a late 2015 imac running 10.11.5. I have tried multiple USB cables. There are no other midi devices plugged in to my computer. I'm running Axe-Edit 3.7.2 When I first launched Axe-Edit...
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