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  1. M

    4CM noise, any other setup has no noise

    Hi, my Axe Fx 3 Mk. 2 is very weird. I want to use the 4cm in order to get the most of the fx processing, and because that way I can also use some clean patches via IN1-OUT1 (essentially making it an A/B switch between my analog rig and a a digital rig). When I use it only as post, or only the...
  2. A

    Apollo x4 & AXE FX III Reamping Through SPDIF

    Hi Everyone New member of the Fractal family here as I made the plunge into an Axe Fx 3 a few months ago. Been having tons of fun. I've also been working on setting up a project home studio and finally got a quality interface; the Apollo x4 as I would eventually like to record, mix, and master...
  3. H

    Using Output 1&2 with monitors

    Hello! I am using the AxeFX 3 as my audio interface currently. I mostly track guitar and drums, and have a Roland ekit running through the AxeFX as well. I would like to be able to set up the system to output the guitar through 1 and the drums through 2 so I can manually adjust them on the...
  4. C

    Unsure which unit to go for

    I'm looking at jumping back into the Fractal camp and having trouble deciding which unit to go after. Traditionally I'd go after the rack unit, but I've always felt I don't take advantage of all that horsepower as I tend to just go for amp/cab/reverb/delay setups with the occasional tremolo or...
  5. J

    Troubleshooting my Petrucci Stereo Rig

    Hey guys! Long time lurker, first time poster here. Over the last couple years, I’ve put together my forever studio rig inspired by Petrucci’s last few rig rundowns. I’m currently running two JP-2C’s with an Axe FX III in their FXL’s (7 Cable Method, 2 humbusters in appropriate positions in...
  6. Jon Kaneshiro

    Presets Jon Kaneshiro Presets | MASTER THREAD (FM3, FM9, & AXE III)

    Over the past few years I’ve meticulously designs many of John Mayer’s iconic tones and effects. He is a major influence on my playing, as well as a tone I’ve researched for the better part of 15 years. My overall goal has been to provide the best John Mayer presets available that require less...
  7. M

    MIDI that controls both Axe 3 scenes + external pedals (preamp ones such as OD and Noise Gate)

    I am looking for a MIDI foot controller than is small and portable, and can be setup to control both the Axe FX 3’s scenes and presets switching AND external pedals I use in front of the preamp (OD, Noise Gate). I currently use the Fractal’s amp modeling (so IN1 > OUT1) as my clean tone. I...
  8. M

    Help with 4cm setup

    Hi, first time owner and am having a huge hassle with the Axe FX 3. I want to do the 4cm with the following: guitar, OD, Axe FX 3, Two Notes Torpedo Reload, Tube Amp, Focusrite Solo, Reaper (on PC). I want to mainly use the fx exclusively. I am not digging the cabs and much prefer the Two...
  9. mXrked

    Axe-FX III USB issue

    Having some issues with my Axe-FX III MK.1 connecting to my Windows 10 computer. I recently updated to the firmware 22 beta and everything was working fine for several days. Yesterday I plugged my friends Axe-FX III (also MK.1) into my computer and updated his firmware to 21.01, updated some...
  10. NNPrime

    Wish Fractal getting in the world of AI clone capture

    So how about fractal getting in the AI clone capture thing? I would think that maybe with an extra unit that people can purchase in order to be able to clone capture amp/amp+cab/entire rig etc, a separate tab in axe edit where you have to have an axe fx and have to login where all the captures...
  11. NNPrime

    Axe 3: Output 2 in not copying output 1

    Hi all, I just got a second set of monitors, I put them in output 2 and tried for the first time, since I got my Axe fx 3, to copy output 1 but there is no sound coming out. I checked cables, tried to do it via the front panel and the Axe-Edit, checked every possible mistake I might have done...
  12. Sorenspete

    Has anyone transitioned from [Fractal -> FRFR] to [Fractal -> power amp > guitar speaker cabinets]?

    I know the question of FRFR's vs guitar speaker cabinets has been posed before, but I wanted to hear from people who have made this transition and what it was like - as well as whether you stayed with cabinets or went back to PA/FRFR's. I've posted about my long-term plans before, which is to...
  13. F

    Fractal AX8 into Mesa Mark V 25 using a JHS Little Black Box

    Hello guys, I still have my AX8 (Amazing Unit) and I’m waiting for the FM9 on the waitlist (that wait has been quiet long) While I wait I’d like to use my AX8 into a Mesa Mark V 25 head, the purpose is to use the AX8 (Effects section only: drives, modulation, filters, delays, etc no Amp and Cab...
  14. MyDitzEgo

    Using a European Axe FX in Thailand (and Asia in general, I'm guessing)

    Hey y'all. Hope you're doing well! Long story short, I've moved to Thailand from Sweden and importing the Axe is currently underway. I got these "universal" kind of power sockets in my house that take most (if not all) connectors. I'm not savvy with electronics and all that, however, and I'd...
  15. A

    Setlist/Song/Sections and Midi Block - Possible Bug?

    Dear all My environment: AXE FX3 (first Generation) firmware 20.04, FC-6 firmware 1.12, AXE Edit 1.12.07 (macOS 10.15.7). The situation: You have two presets. both with Midi Block: Preset No. 1 (Midi Block) Scene 1: Program Change, channel 11, value 12 Scene 1: Program Change, channel 12...
  16. M

    Issues on Kemper Profiler Stage SEND 1 levels going into AXE FX III Input/Instrument

    Hi everyone, I am trying to reroute the original guitar signal from Kemper into AXE FX III Input/Instrument for additional processing. My guitar is going into Profiler Stage input, and SEND 1 is set to Git Analog. SEND 1 is then connected to AXE FX instrument input. It seems to me like the...
  17. Valgua

    Would I need a rack?

    Hi! I have never owned a rack mounted unit, so forgive my ignorance. If I bought the AxeFx 3 it would sit on my desk. Should I still get some type of rack to mount it on? Are there advantages/disadvantages? Wouldn’t a rack cover the air exhaust of the unit (the holes on its side)?
  18. Drew Warmington

    OMG6 layout for the FC-6

    Hey everyone, I have a AXE FX III and FC-6 combo which apparently is an uncommon combo. I love the OMG series layouts, and I use Austin's version for AMP control on my FM9, but I was unable to find a layout that worked with the FC-6 only. So, here is my version of a OMG-6. It has 8...
  19. Roby Rocks

    AFIII Presets AXEFX3 New Preset Bundles - Special Offers 25% Off

    From today for a limited time, there are two Mega Packs for Axe-Fx III available on my site: 6 presets: RR DARK MOON RR PINK WALL RR RED PULSE RR GREEN ECHOES RR BLACK ANGUS RR SUHRVIVAL 6 presets: RR BONNIE GREEN RR BONNIE BLUE RR...
  20. M

    SPDIF - Fairly Low Level in DAW. How to compensate?

    Hi all, This is my first post here! Been lurking the forums quite a bit over the last couple weeks, nice to finally meet y'all. Got the AFX III recently, and am also extremely new to recording, after having played guitar most of my life. I've been overwhelmed with all this (learning...
  21. Sorenspete

    Power amp(s) for three 1x12 60w cabs

    Sorry if I have already discussed this but I thought I'd try to get my issue on paper properly in its own thread. So as some of you may have seen I recently acquired an adorable MESA/Boogie Engineering 1x12 Mini Rectifier cab. I intend to eventually (hopefully) have three of these and run my...
  22. G

    Switched from Helix to Axe Fx III

    I switched from a Helix to an Axe-Fx III and absolutely love the Axe-Fx III. For a while I owned both units so that I could compare them. What motivated me to purchase the Axe-Fx III was that I kept noticing how many of the professional artists that I admire ( @Larry Mitchell ) use the Axe-Fx...
  23. Roby Rocks

    Presets My New Preset for Acoustic Guitars: RR MEGA ACOUSTIC

    RR MEGA ACOUSTIC - for FM3 and Axe-FX III I have realized this preset to enhance the sound of the acoustic guitars with Fractal Audio Systems. One single preset with 7 scenes for 7 different kind of sound. I recorded with Logic Pro using Focusrite Clarett 4 Pre Thunderbolt USB Audio Device and...
  24. M

    Logic Pro X - I/O Plugin

    All, For my project studio at home, I run Logic Pro X with Axe FX III as my main audio user interface for the sake of simplicity. I'm able to record guitars, synths, re-amp guitars, etc. with no problem. What I'd like to do is process previously recorded audio with outboard gear (for example...
  25. Sauro_on_guitar

    AFIII "Ambient" and "Synth" tones...

    Isn't it cool?
  26. N

    Axe Fx 3 Volume / Tone

    I run my Axe Fx 3 through my Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro's primarily. I also have HS8's when possible. Guitar is Schecter Hellraiser. Facing a few issues: Volume is low on both studio headphones and speakers Metal presets sound good on studio monitors but are unusable with studio headphones...
  27. Overcaster

    Emulating high volume

    Explain to an absolute numb-skull how to emulate higher amp volumes with the axe at lower volumes for like headphone use I know that well obviously higher MV values do the trick but also the gain enhancer. Any other ways?
  28. SimonGotthelf

    Rundown of my "Whassup" preset based on the Comet 60 model (Free preset included)

    Hi guys Here is a quick rundown of the preset I used for my song Whassup feat Derek Sherinian. Preset is available on the AxeChange: Whassup Check out the complete song here: Whassup Playthrough If you dig it, please check out my album on your favorite platform and let me know if you want me to...
  29. SimonGotthelf

    AFIII Whassup (feat Derek Sherinian) Playthrough / Free Preset / Simon Gotthelf

    Hi folks Here is a playthrough of the opening track on my album - the tune is called Whassup and also features an amazing hammond performance by the legendary Derek Sherinian. Hope you like it. Preset is available on the AxeChange, so go grab it if you want to check it out and feel free to...
  30. SimonGotthelf

    AFIII Playthrough of my song LP using the Axe-Fx3 (Free Preset included)

    Hi guys I just did a playthrough of my song Lp from my new instrumental album "All Things Guitar". I am using the Axe-Fx3 for this video. Preset is available on the AxeChange. I use Scene 2 for most of the song. It is a BandCommander with a BB-preamp in front. I use a volume pedal to control the...
  31. D

    Dialing in a solar guitar

    So recently got my axe 3. Just sticking to presets at the moment generally whilst I get used to it, (will probably do the carter masterclass at some point). So I've found plenty of high gain sounds that work with my PRS with fluence classics. But I can't seem to find or dial in something bhigj...
  32. D

    New to Fractal

    Alright guys, My new FX3 should be arriving Monday. This is my first experience using anything Fractal. Recently got the Quad Cortex but sold it as I wasn't impressed. Kemper before that but I didn't like being limited to what other people were capturing. Now I'm 100% a bedroom player, so I'll...
  33. M

    Axe FX Live Bass Rig Concerns

    I know I'm gonna get roasted quickly for not finding the thread that may contain the info I'm looking for but here goes: I'm looking to make the switch to Axe FX. Specifically the III. The only real reason I'm hesitant is because I absolutely do not want to go to a "clean stage" type of live...
  34. A

    Bought an FM3 and compared it to my Axe-Fx 3; huge difference

    Hi Everybody, Like the title says I recently bought an FM3 for the portability and to use as an effects processor with my bass rig and I was shocked at the quality of the presets out of the box and after only a day tinkering was getting some monstrous guitar tones. Awhile back I had posted here...

    Connecting Apollo x8p and AxeFX3

    Hi Guys, Maybe that's gonna be a "noob alert" but I'm wondering so I'm asking rather than trying to guess. I got a really good deal on an Apollo x8p and I was wondering how to connect it with my axe 3 ? My questions are : 1 - How can I connect it "Which kind of cable setup" 2 - How should I...
  36. Argana

    Axe-Fx 3 USB Driver - Problem - (Detailed Explanation)

    Hello ! I own a Axe-Fx for about 2 years now. And everything works as it should, I have no complaints whatsoever :) . But ! I'm someone who has been dealing with heavy loads of virtual orchestra's (Kontakt), VST drum kit's and all of that combined. Since I mostly click in the notes for my...
  37. Les Paul Rider

    is it possible to control the Axe 3 from an FM3 as a foot controller?

    I own an Axe 3, I didn't buy a foot controller yet, I did some presets that they reach the cpu's limits (red zone), and I was wondering if it's possible to use an FM3 in series in front of my Axe 3, and use it as a foot controller also, because there is not to much difference in price from...
  38. S

    Using Axe-Fx III and Sonarworks Reference 4

    Hey folks! Anyone here using the Axe FX III through the Sonarworks Reference 4 system? I find it very hard to dial in sounds on the Axe because I cannot get the Axe to work through the Reference as it's currently only picks up computer audio and not my guitar input. My headphones are quite...
  39. Cpt737

    Axe-Fx 3 with Kemper Stage

    Guys I need an advice with a little experiment setup with my friend’s kemper stage he brought. We are trying to use the kemper in a signal chain instead of amp and cab block on axe fx III. So; Guitar -> Axe Input 1 -> axe pre amp effects(drive and phaser blocks) -> axe output3 -> kemper...
  40. Spongy

    AFIII Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24

    Just wanted to thank everyone for their help as I got through some initial learning curves with my new AxeFx 3 (Mark 2). This is my first attempt at recording with it. The end is just an ad lib 'Joy To The World' by the way. This is easily one of my favorite guitar related purchases I have...
  41. DJB-762x39

    AFIII First Post - Quick Mix with Axe 3

    Constructive criticism is welcomed and appreciated...Amateur with less than 2 years of recording experience. Guitar double tracked L & R by me with Axe FX3 Direct using Orange Recto 1-Mod. Drums and bass courtesy of EZX & EZ-Bass.
  42. Pedro_Santana

    Problem with FC-6 Controller and Axe-Fx 3

    I have a problem with the scenes on the FC-6 controller. Once I have set up and saved the scenes, they will be changed the next time AXE FX 3 is started, i.e. the saved scenes will be changed. Does anyone know the problem and have a solution? Thanks a lot Peter
  43. AnswerInfinity

    Vox AC 30 Axe FX 3 vs. Kemper

    I finally got a chance to do one of these with the same IR. Here's my little go at it:
  44. B

    Guthrie Govan - Heart of the City tone - Axe III

    Hi everyone, first post for me, first day with my fx 3 (trying to cope with the disconnected Editor after 30mn / 1h), and I wanted to seek your knowledge on what presets / block chain would get the closest to the glorious Guthrie Govan tone on his Heart of the City tune (West Coast Grooves). I...
  45. B

    Can you hook up the Axe FX 3 in multiple ways at the same time?

    Can you hook up the Axe FX 3 in multiple ways at the same time? For example, if I'm using 4CM because I want to use only the effects with my real amp/cab, can I then easily switch to just the Axe FX 3 (so using amp sims, and bypassing my real amp completely)? Or would you have to change all...
  46. Roby Rocks

    Presets Roby Rocks Master Thread - Preset & IRs | new Electric IR: TELE

    Roby Rocks Master Thread - AX8 FM3 FM9 AXE3 IRs This is the master thread for all my works. In this page you can find presets for AX8, FM3, FM9, Axe-Fx III, Cabinet Impulse Responses (Cabinet IRs) Acoustic Guitars (Acoustic IRs) and Electric Guitars (Electric IRs )that I realized. Please, for...
  47. Roby Rocks

    Rack mounting and ventilation

    Hi to everyone! I want tmount my axefx3 into a rack case 3U. This case fit perfectly with axe3 but AxeFx3 has lateral holes for ventilation. Mounting my axe3 in rack case there are problems if this holes will be closed?, Can I close that holes? Thanks. (my rack case is very very perfectly...
  48. Roby Rocks

    AFIII Presets David Gilmour - Echoes Sound V3

    Hi People!!! For "The Sound of Gilmour" series, one year ago I tried to recreate the sound of David Gilmour from the album Echoes, with my AX8. A few months ago I've re-make it also for Fractal Axe-Fx III. That's a really new version (named V3 version), not a FracTool conversion! ...and it...
  49. Roby Rocks

    Tone Match an Isolated Track

    TONE MATCH AN ISOLATED TRACK (ITA) In this video I'll show you how to use the Tone Match function of Axe-Fx3 to "capture", or better "to sample" the sound of an Isolated Track to "copy" the sound of our favorite guitarist. The result is amazing! [video in Italian, please use automatic...
  50. Roby Rocks

    AFIII Presets David Gilmour - Dark Side of the Moon Preset V3

    Hi People!!! For "The Sound of Gilmour" series, one year ago I tried to recreate the sound of David Gilmour from the album Dark Side Of The Moon, with my AX8. In these days I've re-make it also for Fractal Axe-Fx III. That's a really new version (named V3 version), not a FracTool conversion...
  51. Roby Rocks

    AFIII Presets David Gilmour - P.U.L.S.E. Preset V3

    Hi People!!! For "The Sound of Gilmour" series, one year ago I tried to recreate the sound of David Gilmour from the P.U.L.S.E. tour in the 1994, with my AX8. In these days I've re-make it also for Fractal Axe-Fx III. That's a really new version (named V3 version), not a FracTool conversion...
  52. Roby Rocks

    Acoustic Guitar Tone Match - Profiling an Acoustic Instrument

    In this video I'll show you how to use the Tone Match function of Axe-Fx3 to "profile", or better "capture the impulse response" of an acoustic instrument, in this case my Takamine Limited Edition 1999 acoustic guitar. Usually the Tone Match is used to capture the tonal characteristics of a real...
  53. geisterfaust_

    Is the FAS AX8 best option for me, or is it the FAS AXEIII?

    Hi guys! I'll try to keep this as short as possible: i'm wondering if the AX8 is the best bet for me in my own personal situation, which is the following: My guitar playing happens at home mostly. I've never been happy or satisfied with the tones I was getting with numerous pieces of gear...
  54. P

    AFIII Using Axe fx 3 as audio interface, with microphone. Need setup help

    Ok. So I have a focusrite solo that I used to used to record guitar an vocals. I am trying to get things set up so I can only use the fractal only, because using 2 different ASIO drives isn't possible without a ton of sacrifices. So I still need to use the focusrite's preamp. So this is my...
  55. C

    Axe-Fx III Fly Rigs

    I've been touring with the AX8 in a Pelican 1615 Air, and just pulled the trigger on the Axe Fx III. To be honest... touring with the AX8 has spoiled me. I use a Pedaltrain PT2, with 2 mini Dunlop expression pedals, and a Shure GLXD16 wireless all on the board with the AX8. All I have bring to...
  56. CodePoet

    Gator Cases Retro Rack for the Axe-Fx III

    Hey everyone - I just posted a quick video review of the new Gator Cases Vintage Amp Vibe Retro Rack 3U rack case. I think it's pretty cool and a great fit for the III. Check out the look and features in the video. Also, I'm trying to throw more content up on my channel and figure out the YT...
  57. zedeloc

    AFIII First Demo of the Axe-Fx III

    I'm impressed! I love this thing. Here is the first little diddy I recorded with it. High gain uses the 65 Bassguy Bass. Low gain uses the Class-A 30w TB. Bass is SV 1 and 2.
  58. Z

    Axe 3 with LiveLoop

    I'm trying to use the Axe 3 with an app called LiveLoop which is live looping software. It runs as a standalone on Mac so I am thinking I would take the audio from the Axe 3 and send it to the Mac laptop via SPDIF via a simple USB audio device; then take the output from LiveLoop and route it...
  59. Rob Suelfllohn

    Guitar cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "I need You" , got some great tone, with Andrea Maccianti's bluesbreaker tone!

    Guitar cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's song "I need You" got some great tone, with Les Paul CC#8 , Rewind pickups, and the Fractal's bluesbreaker tone from Andrea Maccianti!
  60. A

    Using a FC-12 to Control Backing Tracks?

    Is there a way to have the FC-12 send MIDI messages separate from scene changes? I run backing tracks so I've previously been using a RJM Mastermind to send different messages to to the AXE III I have and the Ableton rig. I want to retain the ability to stay on the same sound Any ideas would...
  61. motor_city_smitty

    Using Expression Pedal as Volume Pedal in Axe-Fx III + FC-12

    I've read all the documentation to setup my EP by connecting it to my FC-12 and I can see that Axe III recognizes my foot travels over it when I calibrate the EP. The only thing is that using it as a Volume Pedal isn't working. Do I need to add another block to my preset or is there something...
  62. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Select a Channel

    Hello guys! In this eighth episode, I’ll show you how to select a specific channel of a single effect block in Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. I...
  63. LSDopar

    Need your help Fractal Community!

    Hey guys! I've been looking for an AFX since a couple of years ago and now I have the opportunity to get one. I'm currently visiting the US (Chicago) just to get the Axe Fx III (I don't live in the US) and I'm staying at the Holiday Inn. Fractal doesn't ship out to hotels and I'm in a rabbit...
  64. Roby Rocks

    AFIII My new song "Per Ilenya"

    Hi guys! Today is the anniversary of my engagement. So I took my Eko, I made a simple preset with Axe-Fx III ... and this song was born ... I liked it so much so I wanted to record it. Then with Logic I added the bass and drum parts. I hope you like it. The Guitar is an EKO MIA IV NYLON EQ...
  65. Retro Rick

    FC-6 / FC-12 Waitlist... When?

    I'm waiting for an FM3, I'm also waiting a Foot Controller, does anyone know how long that waitlist will be? When I buy my FM3 it would be nice to be offered to buy a an FC and have them shipped together, any chance of that?
  66. Marciel Marcasso

    AFIII "Red Barchetta" - Rush - Guitar and Bass with Axe-Fx III

    I tried to do my best with guitar sound of "Red Barchetta" of Rush.. I saw some tips here in the forum that helped me a lot. but when I finished, I was very curious to know what the Bass sound would look like in the AXE III. I confess that I'm not a good bass player. but I tried hard.. And yes...
  67. Kelleys Heroes

    U2/Edge tones/presets/insight for Axe-Fx 3?

    I see many threads for tips to getting great U2 guitar tones on prior versions of Axe. Also many, many links to YouTube and ancient forums exploring Edge-y tones. I'm looking for stuff that sheds light on his more recent sounds- especially presets designed for the Axe FX 3. Commercial presets...
  68. orion32773

    AFIII Slow Blues/Fuzz with York Audio Blue and Gold AC-212 Cab Pack

    This video was probably more about me messing around with a new 50mm/1.8 lens than anything else but decided to slow things down with a little nasty fuzz and an IR from the York AC-212 Blue and Gold cab pack.
  69. Kelleys Heroes

    Axe-Fx III flakiness as an interface

    I've been using the axe-fx 3 as my main computer interface for a few weeks now. For some reason, 6+ times computer audio playback has stopped and I have needed to reboot the axe-fx to get it working again. Anyone else experiencing issues or have any insight? There haven't been any apparent...
  70. drubarlow

    Flashing Lights When FC-6 Connects

    I received my FC-6 in the mail today and followed the instructions in the "quick connect guide" to get it set up, but every time I connect the XLR cable to the Faslink II port on my AxeFX3, all of the lights start blinking and it won't do anything else until I unplug the FC and reboot the unit...
  71. Kelleys Heroes

    Is the Axe-Fx worth the cost- Quora question/answer and review

    I just had the question, "Is the Axe-FX worth the cost?" come up in Quora, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to give a very biased "initial impressions" review of my month old Axe 3. Here is a link to my answer. I hope I did justice to this amazing device, company and community...
  72. Kelleys Heroes

    Looper best practices

    Looks like most players are using the Looper block at the very beginning of the signal chain or within a send/return right before the output block. What are the benefits of each approach, and are there other ways of using this that might be better?
  73. Kelleys Heroes

    How are you using Volume pedal?

    I just purchased one of the Fractal pedals to use with my FC-6. Originally I thought I would use it primarily as a volume pedal and occasional wah for some presets. Looks like that isn't really the way most use them- so I have since set this globally ( is that right?) for input volume. Does...
  74. Kelleys Heroes

    Looking for Andy Summers/Police tones

    One of the first gigs I'll play with my new Axe 3 is a Police Tribute. It is a one-off gig with a pickup band and many guest vocalists, only 2-3 rehearsals and then a two hour show. Last year I did the gig with my absolutely un-Andy Summers guitar rig (pure vintage analog, non tech!), this year...
  75. Kelleys Heroes

    Axe-Fx III Presets reference "Key"

    Is there any documentation on the axe-fx iii presets- essentially a list that describes the purpose of each preset, or provides any information? I see a list of the presets with which amp is modeled in the wiki, but nothing beyond. Such as if it was created to replicate a song, intended for...
  76. MattBowman

    AFIII Guthrie Govan - Ancestral Solo with tone match preset

    Guthrie Govan has been my favorite guitar player for over a decade since I first heard him back in the mid 2000's. I used to buy the DVD's of his shows at Tone Merchants and then everything he ever recorded for what is now Jam Track Central, in hopes of someday being able to play any of his...
  77. LordGold3

    AFIII Dreamy Clean (Magnetic/Piezo Split)

    This preset is designed for a Piezo equipped guitar running a split TRS cable (using both magnetic and Piezo pickups) for an amazing dreamy clean/acoustic sound. I used my Musicman Majesty JP 7 (Magnetic pickup set to middle single coil mode) Let me know what you think...

    AFIII Les Videos du Lundi - (Monday's Videos) - Full Guitars Covers

    The Axe-Fx III replaced the AX8 in Monday's videos ! ;) Amazing crunchs ... Firmware 5.01 ...
  79. RamboMadCow

    High gain amp simulation feedback solutions?

    I'm hoping a few of you guys have some experience with moderately high gain amp settings in a live situation and can help me out. I'm in a Metallica tribute band and I've been trying to get their current live tone. It's not insanely high gain like Slayer, but it seems to have enough that I'm...
  80. Steve Williams

    Use GCP expression pedal with Axe?

    Hi all, Is it possible to use the GCP expression pedal with the AXE 3? Thanks. I can't seem to get it to work. Just waiting for my FC 12.

    5 avec un Axe-Fx III (5 min with an Axe-Fx III)

    The first video of a new series :) Only factory presets here ! ;)
  82. E

    Using Axe-Fx 3 for guitar lessons over Skype

    I'm trying to get a setup that works well for Skype lessons. I have the following needs: 1. The other person should be able to hear my voice 2. The other person should be able to hear my guitar 3. The other person should be able to hear a backing track 4. Play backing tracks stored on the...
  83. H

    Axe3 Tonematch IR won’t appear for Ax8 use

    I made an acoustic guitar tone match on my Axe Fx3 and exported it as a user cab. I then exported the user cab as a .syx file. In Ax8 cab browser, this file can not be seen in the directory. In AxeFx3 cab browser, it can be found as expected. Is there a compatibility issue here, and perhaps...
  84. H

    FC USB Port for Axe Edit (Wish)

    I wonder if it will be possible to access Axe Edit or FracPad by plugging a PC or tablet into the FC 6/12 USB port. Since FasLink II supports bi-directional communication, this seems to be quite a feasible possibility. I’m aware that the USB port is listed as “reserved for future use,” and...
  85. J

    AFIII 80s 84LL4D

    Hey guys just released my newest montly album and this one has more guitars (not as many as synths yet..) Anyway the track 3P1C.85 has my "sunday" lead tone in the chorus which I think came out pretty sweet! It's basically the matchless and the ac30. I'm trying to meet more people to...
  86. E

    How do you guys connect your pedal board to FXiii ?

    I’ve already figured this out just wanna here your advice ! I did it creating output and input block in order to turn my pedal board on and off to not lose any signal when I’m not using my pedals!
  87. Strizzwald

    Axe-Fx 2 to Axe-Fx 3 Tone Match

    Hey everyone So I have some presets that from the Axe Fx 2 that I want to use on my Axe Fx 3 however they feature the tone match block, and when I used Fractool to convert them onto/into the 3 everything carries over except the tone match block. Its there on the layout but the actual profile...
  88. D

    RJM GT-22 plus Axe-Fx III — How do you handle 8-scenes?

    I’ve got an RJM GT-22 and Axe III. I frequently accept the default settings that get imported from the “Get All Presets” function. This works alright for presets with 6 scenes or less. But many presets use all 8 scenes. How do handle this? The device only has the 6 buttons on the bottom...
  89. D

    White screen after fw update?

    Just updated my firmware and now I only get a bright white screen. Everything works just fine, I can still make sounds from the unit and Axe Edit is still working with it.......just the screen is white. What do I do?
  90. Baldadi

    Another "just got it !"...

    Hi all, I've been on the fence for an Axe FX for quite some time, but was never convinced of the practicalities of using it live and how to combine it with my other gear and tube amps. For recording I was too addicted to my VG99 (which, in it’s own right, is also a fantastic piece of gear if...
  91. D

    Argentina Got The 3!!

    Hi everyone! After a 7 month wait it's finally here! And it's insane!! I love it! Even though i've been reading a lot, I have just (for now) one silly question i cant find on the internet. The cabs names will tell you the speak config. the mic that was used, a name that represents the real cab...
  92. Tumatauenga

    Not a Bug Ambient Stereo Delay Feedback R changes when focusing away from Feedback L

    Steps to reproduce: Put a delay block on the grid Change the type to "Ambient Stereo" Feedback L will default to 40%, and Feedback R will default to 10% Click into the edit field for Feedback L Without actually changing the value, click somewhere else to focus away from the edit field Feedback...
  93. J

    Logic Pro X and Axe-Fx III compatibility?

    Is there a compatibility issue with the AxeFx III and Logic? I have continually received a notification on the screen stating that the 'Volume "LaCie" is full', referring to the external hard drive I'm using, which has plenty of space on it. This seems to happen mostly when I have a track that...
  94. JB1985

    Moog Sub 37 and Axe-Fx III

    Starting a new thread here (i think)- Wondering if any of the forum members use the Axe III with synthesizers. If so, whats your preferred method to hook it up (instrument input on the front, stereo or mono in the back etc), what kind of presets have you created (what amp cab effects combos...
  95. guitarfreak365

    Scene Switching Damping Parameter

    I'm not sure if this is even possible but having the ability to morph from one scene to the next with damping would be epic. I think I have heard this discussed but I believe it was before the III came out. I wasn't sure if there would be a way to do this now.
  96. guitarfreak365

    Why no pick attack?

    I'm moving from a II to a III and have used the pick attack adjustment on all my main presets. Why was this removed? Is there a way to replicate it on the III?
  97. Brucegregori

    DS-1 model anyone?

    Looking for a vintage take on this one...
  98. J

    Re-amping in Logic

    Could someone explain the process of re-amping in Logic with the Axe-FX III? I have attempted to re-amp my direct signal in Logic using essentially the same methods by which I would use for the II XL+, with the exception of setting up my D.I. track as outputs 5 and 6 instead of 1 and 2...
  99. Moke

    AFIII Presets [Moke's Custom Presets] Axe-Fx III Master Thread - Updated to Firmware 20.xx 'Cygnus'! New 'Triple-Gain' (HB) Versions

    Well I finally started adding some Axe-Fx III versions of my presets. Update... As of August 1st, 2018, 82 out of 83 of my existing presets ported over to the Axe-Fx III. The only one left is Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here'. That one uses a Scene Controller to automatically start the Looper...
  100. guitarfreak365

    Tone Stack Location and its effect on Tone (Pre,Post,Mid,End)

    I started messing around with the tone stack location on the Atomica High. I switched it to MID and I really liked how it seemed to cut through the mix more. Does anyone know in short what each location (pre, post, mid, and end) will do to your tone? Also does anyone use them? Some times I can...
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