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axe 2 xl+

  1. S

    Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD - does anyone here use it?

    Hello, I'm looking into some audio interfaces, entry level obviously, and I'm particularly interested in the Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD. I've read some reviews, some oddball reddit posts and all that jazz, but I haven't found anything Axe FX related. Now, I'm not buying this to bypass the...
  2. N

    MIDI CC#0 Does Not Change Bank

    IF ANYONE COULD PLEASE GIVE ME SOME DIRECTION WITH THIS ISSUE IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. I am programing backtrack MIDI switches, via interface MIDI out, using Logic Pro X, on Catalina; to an Axe FX II XL+. All firmware, driver, etc., has been updated. I am well versed in MIDI switching...
  3. Iatros

    Axe II XL+ Ares 2.0 - Tips for the 5153 models?

    Hey Hey People, I have an old 50W 5153 IRL and interestingly this is the only amp on the Axe IIxl+ I cant figure out for the life of me. All the tricks I use on my amp dont seem to translate to the Axe model, and attempting to create tones from scratch never leads to satisfying tones. For...
  4. DrStu

    Cannot use CC assignment to bypass a block

    For Axe FX II XL+ I want to engage/bypass a block via midi. I know I can assign midi cc to the 12 external controls and then use these to modify bypass mode, but I want to use the external controls for other things. The manual (page 194) says there are default assignments to bypass each type...
  5. Iatros

    Low end response and the Two Notes Torpedo Studio

    Hey Hey people, I've been playing around with a two notes torpedo studio and a dual rec, namely trying to mimic the combo using Axe FX II XL+'s modelling, and I've run into a snag. What I've noticed is that my Axe dupes of the DR lack the low end response of the Rec+Torpedo S, namely, in...
  6. guitarair

    How to connect Axe-Fx II XL+ to Studio Monitors! Newbie here...Please HELP!

    Hello dear all Axe-Fx fanatics, I recently bought an Axe-Fx II XL+ . I am going to run this through a pair of studio monitors that I am going to buy soon. I think I am going to buy a pair of PreSonus Eris E8. But I don't know what kind cables I should buy for using my Axe-Fx. My main purpose is...
  7. guitarair

    Headrush FRFR-108 vs Studio monitors. Please help me choose!

    Dear adept Axe-Fx users, Newbie here. I just bought my Axe-Fx II XL+. Now I am confused how to use my Axe-Fx, whether an FRFR speaker or studio monitors. I will be using it basically for home practice. I won't be gigging next few months, so my main purpose is home practice and recording. I...
  8. guitarair

    Axe-Fx with Studio Monitors or FRFR speaker? Newbie here, need urgent HELP!

    Dear all Axe-Fx fanatics, Before I ask, I beg your pardon for asking questions that have been asked and discussed here numerous times. I am a pure newbie. I just bought an Axe-Fx II XL+. As I never used this complicated digital unit, after buying this I am feeling like I am just a drop of water...
  9. Xavier Hernandez

    Is this achievable within the XL+?

    Hi fellow forumites, I came across this post in Instagram and man, I was blown away! Is there someone capable of guiding me through the process, or sharing a preset or insight ti get something as fabulous as this in the trusty Axe FX II? Here's the link: Cheers!
  10. Anese

    Connecting Presonus Eris E3

    Hello everyone what kind of cables do I need to connect the Presonus Eris E3 to the Axe fx ll XL+. Since the 1/4" output -1 L and R of the Axe-fx are TS (unbalanced), and the Eris E3 has only L and R TRS (balanced) inputs. Should I use a TS --TS cable at both ends or should I go with the...
  11. Y


    Hey Guys, For sale is my AXE-FX II XL+, MFC 101 MKIII, EV-1 pedal, Novo 24 pedalboard and bag, Gator 3U case, as well as the MFC glow in the dark kick tags. Does not include any cables. Package price $2,400 shipped. Never gigged. Ismoke free studio, literally bought this and installed into my...
  12. Joero6

    Popping noises during recording playbacks?

    I have my FX 2 XL+ running into my laptop via USB cable. The software I am using is Presonus Studio One 3. At the moment the Axe 2 is set as the soundcard. When I record any audio I get pops and crackles through the recorded audio in various spots. Any suggestions? Also on a side note, is...
  13. Rich Wood

    FS Axe-Fx II XL Plus (UK/EU) Price Drop!

    SOLD! Fractal Audio Axe FX II XL+ up for sale which are in immaculate condition. The Axe FX has spent all of its time in the rack case in my home studio from the day I received it brand new and it has never left the house. The unit hasn't been used much at all as I use a second Axe FX unit for...
  14. Dynamic1022

    Joe Bonamassa Drive presets

    I would like to share my Joe Bonamassa's Drive preset. I've used it to record his song. The preset is based on a 59 Bassman. For the solo i changed the amp and used a extra reverb Axe fx 2 xl+ Firmware 10.01 Its work great on a single coil with the neck pickup...
  15. will romero

    New to the Axe-Fx world

    So I'm currently traveling in Europe and saw the sale price for the AXE FX XL+ and pulled the trigger. I won't be back for 2 months to use the unit so i have time to research and prepare. I currently have a mac with logic pro x, Scarlett 2i4 interface and some M-audio monitors. As far as...
  16. Joseph J C

    Would you like to run Axe-Edit as a plug on you DAW?

    Wouldn't it be cool if we could use our Fractal units DSP like the UAD Apollo units DSP to run Axe edits patches as a plug in our DAW? Thoughts?
  17. T

    AxeFx II into Roland JC-40

    Hi Guys! Could anyone tell me the best way to hook up my AxeFx II into my Roland JC-40, please? 1. Should I connect direct into main JC-40 input? 2. Should I use the send/return loop on the JC-40? 3. Or (and I hope this doesn't sound crazy) should I connect the AxeFx II directly into the...
  18. W

    Bass Tones dissapearing in a live mix

    Hello everyone, recently I picked up an Axefx 2xl+ and a matrix gt1600fx poweramp. Ive been playing around with it for a few weeks now and im not really getting where i want to be, so i figured id ask you guys for help. Im using the axe for bass through an ampeg 810 cab, but i just cant seem to...
  19. Andrea Maccianti


    Has 6 Scenes. Available also for AX8 I hope you enjoy! :)
  20. rcv24

    wahwah always on?

    I'm using an Axe-FX II XL+ with MFC-101 and Mission Engineering SP-1. All firmware and presets are the latest. SP-1 is connected to XP1 (pedal sweep) and XP2 (toe switch) with TRS cables. I followed AxeFXtutorials.com on how to set the SP-1 up for use as a way and the switch as on/off. Then...
  21. J

    Blue mofi headphone vs Yamaha hs5

    Hi, I live in an apartment and can't get too loud that is why leaning towards the mofi . What do you guys think? I am going to mainly use it for home studio and recording songs. Thank you.
  22. S

    Transformer Sim Help

    Hey guys, I'm having a little trouble finding a lot of info on this around the forums. I've been looking around for about 45 minutes, so either there isn't a whole lot of info or I'm just really bad at searching. I'm a bit of an electronics noob, which brings me here. I am building a Deluxe...
  23. J

    Equalizing in AMP block vs equalising it in DAW (Axe fx xl+)

    Hi, A noob here :) I was just wondering where do you guys prefer to equalize your guitar tone. Do you do it in the amp block or in something like logic ( which I use)? Where should I be doing it? Thank you
  24. chugsandtone

    Suggestions for a 2U Rack Case for the Axe FX 2 XL+

    Hello Everyone, My last post was asking everyone over here to convince me to get an AXE FX 2 and it worked! I finally got the Axe FX 2 XL+ :) I'm planning to get the Gator GR-2S rack case. Is anybody over here using the case? Does the AF2 XL+ properly fit inside the rack? Is it durable ...
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