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  1. Veritas0Aequitas

    SOLD Atomic CLR Neo MkII FRFR Speaker Mk2 Mark II 2

    Up for sale is my Atomic CLR NEO MkII in MINT condition. Never gigged, only used at home. Not a mark, dent, scuff, scratch or chip. It's in pristine condition. Comes with the power cord. The unit works perfectly, I just have no need for it anymore. $925 + actual shipping (Payment via PayPal)...
  2. G

    FS Atomic CLR Active Wedge (BE) (SOLD!!)

    Atomic CLR in perfect state. Only used at home. (Belgium) Bought in 04/2019 so still under warranty. 800 Euro
  3. axedude

    New Axe-Fx III user .... All I can say is ....

    Hi All. After a number of years of looking at different modeler products including the Axe FX, The Kemper and Helix, and lots of research about the pro's and con's of each, I finally pulled the trigger for an Axe Fx III !! Before buying the AF3, I bought an Atomic Amplifire 3 "AA3" about a...
  4. notalemming


    I have one of the original Atomic CLR neo wedges for sale. It is in perfect working condition & sound amazing. It has a ding on the lower left corner that happened when it was shipped to me. It's only cosmetic. That is the only negative thing I can say about the CLR's is that the finish is...
  5. D

    WTB Atomic CLR Wedge (Neo preferred) - Canada

    Any Canadians have an Atomic CLR for sale? Looking for a wedge only, prefer a Neo but if the price reflects non-neo that's fine too. Anyways, I know it's a long shot! Thanks!
  6. Descom

    New Atomic Amplifire 6.

    Hope I'm in the right forum with this post. Anyone see this yet? http://atomicamps.com/amplifire-6/ Basically an Atomic Amplifire with 3 extra footswitches. I had an Atomic Amplifire. Hated it, sounded ghastly. I won't be buying one, but imagine an ax8 in that size. It would be pure heaven!
  7. Jos Pelkman

    Is the Atomic Reactor 50W active cab really a true FRFR?

    Hey all, I recently bought a secondhand Atomic Reactor active cab. At home I connect my AX8 via Out1 to my KRK's 8" speakers and the sound is just amazing! Through out2 I connect to my active Atomic Reactor (Out2 = Echo Out1). I know that I cannot get the exact same sound between the KRK's...
  8. R

    Beyer Dynamic DT880 vs Blue Lola for dialing presets

    There have been several discussions in the past but perspectives change over a period of time so wanted to ask again. I would love to buy the Atomic CLR for dialing presets that translate well to FOH, but budget is a concern at the moment. Was going through @austinbuddy's blog and read...
  9. Andrea Maccianti

    9.02 // ATOMICA

  10. Descom

    Atomic CLR vs Matrix FR10.

    So I'm looking at getting one of the two. Would love to hear from owners - why do you love either? I've heard more in favor of the Atomic, but the Matrix is a fair bit lighter which is appealing. Cheers!
  11. U

    Having trouble finding good info on drop tuning FRFR setup

    I play drop C in a hard rock (wouldn't say metal, but some songs 'get there') band with an off the boat Russian (hard hitting) drummer. I just made the AXE FX II XL+ purchase and I've been driving myself nuts looking at the different speaker options. I was originally looking at the Matrix...
  12. Georgy

    For those of you that go direct to the PA.. do you also have your own FRFR solution on stage?

    Hey guys Yep.. probably a repeat thread/question one way or another.. So, I'm going to start embracing the FRFR thing when playing live by going direct to PA/FOH, and I was curious to know if any of you AX8-players were also using/bringing your own stage monitor/wedge/FRFR solution, and not...
  13. V

    Atomic CLR Death in Infancy - Should they be avoided?

    Hi All CLR Users. Hoping someone can help me? I have a very young CLR Wedge Active Amp that has seemingly met an early death despite being the tender age of 1. Given it cost nearly a grand, this is very upsetting and I couldnt believe it wasnt in warranty (yes I know thats my fault as i bought...
  14. Manny Fufish

    Excellent support experience with Atomic

    Hey Guys, I know there has been some criticism of Atomic's support on this forum, but I want to try and put you minds at ease. There does seem to be some issue with the e-mail routing that Tom needs to sort out, however, once I was in contact with Tom, he called me immediately and walked me...
  15. PRS513

    Anyone switch from a CLR Neo wedge to something else?

    I purchased a CLR Neo active Wedge when the Neo first came out. I've had it for nearly two years now and have never been completely happy with the tone. The mids seem a bit honkey, and the lows seem to easily become boomy at gigging volume levels (been dropping the preset dB's to aid in...
  16. ZenRigs Man

    Satriani - Love Thing cover. Quantum 1.03 through Atomic CLRs 'in the room'

    Trying to get my chops back together after a pinched-nerve related hiatus of about 3 months and am recording myself playing again to work on my playing. Here's noodle on one of my favourite Satch tracks. Full of slop and bum notes, but just thrilled with the tone I'm getting from the trusty...
  17. Eric T Amble

    Atomic CLR Neo Active Wedge has volume fluctuations

    Hi everybody, I just sent this email to Atomic, and I thought I would copy it here to see if anyone has had any similar problems/wisdom to share: I have been crazy about my CLR Neo active wedge (used with an Axe-Fx II), but now something is up. At a gig the other night, the CLR’s volume...
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