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  1. S

    SOLD Aristides 070 Dutch Orange Satin

    NO TRADES, as I am selling to fund a new Aristides 070S purchase. $2700 Price is shipped to CONUS. PayPal accepted, maybe other forms of payment, as well. Just ask. 2015 Aristides 070 in Dutch Orange Satin. This is one of the first ones they made with the richlite fretboard, and it plays like...
  2. Recon24

    Skull Crusher & ML MEGA OS - Heavy Riff Test

    Trying out the new Skull Crusher model on Ares 1.03. Definitely lives up to the name, very satisfying to play with. Kind of reminds me of a 5150 but with some extra clarity and midrange richness. T808MOD > Amp > ML MEGA OS Infamous Mix
  3. LucasLeCompte

    I did a solo for the Dream Rig Contest!

    This track and solo are special to me because it got me back into playing guitar. My band of 3 years broke up recently and I sorta didnt want to touch my guitars anymore. Once I heard this track though, it made me have fun playing guitar again. I used my Mark IV solo patch for the entire solo!
  4. LucasLeCompte

    Who Wants All Of My Patches?

    I did a review of my Aristides 070, and I had a chance to export all of my patches, so I figured I would post them all here. Hope you enjoy them! Clean Patch Rhythm (Based on Mark IV) Lead (Mark IV with some sweet stuff)
  5. LucasLeCompte

    Who Likes Strange Effects? (Patch Included)

    I made a patch based off the "robot" sound in Periphery's song "Prayer Position." I used the ring modulator and the pitch shiftier. I may actually use this sound on my EP! Just click the axechange icon in my sig and you can download it!
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